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    Insta Group Ltd: “We are creating new business in the field of computer and data security, based on the strong ICT expertise of Insta and the entire Tampere Region.”

    ​Insta Group Ltd is a growing family business based in Tampere.​
    ​Insta Group Ltd is a growing family business based in Tampere.​

    We are currently in a situation where it is not enough to wait for future triumphs in export industry. The private and public sectors must both invest in the domestic market. All too often, it is emphasised that strong export is the foundation for everything. In my opinion, this is not the case, since we have domestic demand in all areas of industry and life in general.

    Insta is going against the grain: the company's turnover for last year was its best yet at €92 million, and this year the company is expecting growth around 10%, which would take the turnover past €100 million. Instead of market demand, the growth is based fully on the fact that we have systematically utilised our competence and successfully forced ourselves ahead of the competition in market shares.

    We are actively seeking new areas and creating business around them in the fields of social and health care, computer and data security and various methods virtual education, for example. Finnish industry has acknowledged that it is prudent to prepare for problem situations beforehand, and that these types of services are necessary at this point in time. Insta has been involved in creating this demand through product development and active marketing. Naturally, we have further developed the competitiveness of our cornerstones, such as electric automation and the maintenance of military aviation equipment.

    ​CEO Pertti Huusko, Insta Group Ltd​
    ​CEO Pertti Huusko, Insta Group Ltd​

    “We are creating new business by making determined investments in product development and active marketing in the field of computer and data security, based on the strong ICT expertise of Insta and the entire Tampere Region.”

    Insta's activity can also be seen in the Tampere cityscape, since we have focused our operations on the Sarankulma campus, which is now complete. The premises have been renovated and a new head office has been constructed. We have also been able to gain good tenants: currently, almost 600 people work on the campus, and there is still room to expand.

    From our point of view, Tampere is just the right size and easily accessible. The growth of the Tampere city region is evident in active construction and the influx of potential employees. This is very important for Insta, since we require plenty of special expertise. We need to sift through a large number of people to find the best of the best.

    It is relatively easy to convince even people living far away to move to the Tampere city region. It helps that the region provides everything a family needs: there is work for the spouse, day care centres and schools for the children and housing within a reasonable distance.

    One of the most important assets of the region is education-related cooperation: not all students are steered towards an academic degree, since we also need people with practical skills, leadership qualities and vocational qualifications. People who are good with their hands or as team leaders should not be forced to study for an academic degree.

    Insta Group Ltd is a growing family business based in Tampere. The group consists of four companies: Insta Automation Oy specialises in industrial automation, Insta DefSec Oy develops critical situational awareness and data security solutions and services, while Insta ILS Oy provides life cycle services for the aviation industry and Insta Innovation Oy focuses on virtual technology and innovative services. The company employs approximately 800 in total.

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