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    Huawei opened a unit in Tampere

    The global IT and communications technology heavyweight Huawei has established a new research and product development unit in Tampere. Located in Kampusareena on Tampere University of Technology (TUT) campus, the focus of the unit is on audio and imaging technologies for consumer products.

    Kampusareena in Tampere
    Huawei has already recruited over forty people to the unit in Kampusareena, located on the Tampere University of Technology (TUT) campus. Photo: Sari Mäkelä/Tredea

    “Our research cooperation with Huawei is right on target with one of our key focus areas: the digital operating environment. I am especially intrigued to see what this research cooperation brings about in the area of light-based technologies,” TUT’s President Mika Hannula notes.

    According to Huawei’s CTO for R&D in Finland Mikko Terho, Tampere is a city with plenty of highly educated and professional workforce available from suitable research areas. The employees will develop camera solutions and imaging and audio algorithms for various consumer electronics products.

    Over forty people have already been recruited to the unit in Kampusareena, located on the Tampere University of Technology (TUT) campus. Recruitment is also ongoing for additional resources.

    Inaugurated on Monday, 12 September, the all-new Tampere unit is a part of a wider R&D hub for mobile device technology.

    “In all, our R&D units in Finland currently employ over 240 people,” Terho says.

    Adds attraction also to others

    The fact that such a major corporation decides to settle itself in this region may attract other global enterprises in the city.

    “Huawei is a fine example of the kind of long-term work that is required to generate new foreign investments in Tampere. This is the result of nearly five years of hard work,” says Director of City Development Kari Kankaala from the City of Tampere.

    Senior Manager Oula Välipakka from Tampere Region Economic Development Agency, Tredea, finds the investment to bear great significance to the region as a whole.

    “It is a positive sign to others that such a global player as Huawei chooses Tampere as the location for their research unit. This will bring a boost to the wider area.”

    The research centre in Tampere has been established in cooperation with Tampere University of Technology, University Properties of Finland Ltd., the City of Tampere, Tampere Region Economic Development Agency Tredea and Invest in Finland.

    Huawei opened a unit in Tampere, Finland

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