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    HEIs in Tampere move forward with plans to establish unique new university

    Photo: Jonne Renvall​/ ©Tredea​
    Photo: Jonne Renvall​/ ©Tredea​

    The plans for Tampere to become the home of a new, multidisciplinary university, which enjoys an international reputation and responds to the needs of society, industry and the labour market through research and education, have taken a step forward. The Boards of Tampere University of Applied Sciences, Tampere University of Technology and the University of Tampere decided on Monday, 25 May, to continue the process towards the establishment of a new university in Tampere.

    The goal of the three HEIs is to create an inspiring and internationally attractive university that is built on a solid foundation of scientific and technological expertise. The new university would bring together a unique combination of research in the fields of technology, health, society, economy and leadership along with the full cycle of research, development and innovation.

    The new university would offer students a broad range of avenues to pursue both theoretical and practically oriented studies that meet the future needs of the labour market. The university would have a single structure for education leading to a degree and the authority to confer the degrees currently awarded by universities and universities of applied sciences, respectively

    Schedule depends on legislation and financial resources

    The three HEIs in Tampere initiated the collaborative process in spring 2014, when they invited experienced industry executive Stig Gustavson to identify their areas of research with the greatest potential for international excellence and propose measures that could be taken to tap into this potential.

    After Gustavson had completed his work, the Boards of the HEIs appointed a working group made up of Vice Presidents in autumn 2014. The working group was tasked with preparing a proposal describing the scientific profile, degree structure and operational model of the new higher education community and the measures for the implementation thereof by May 2015. The working group comprised Vice Presidents Mika Hannula (Tampere University of Technology), Harri Melin (University of Tampere) and Mikko Naukkarinen (Tampere University of Applied Sciences). All in all, approximately 200 employees and students from the three HEIs have participated in the preparations by serving on different subgroups and attending discussion events.

    On Monday, 25 May, the Boards of the three HEIs held respective meetings where they decided to give the green light to the continuation of the process dubbed as ‘Tampere3' as outlined in the report prepared by the Vice Presidents. The HEIs are immediately seeking to tighten their existing collaboration by launching projects that support the development of their activities and facilitate the establishment of the new university.

    The schedule of the Tampere3 process depends on the progress of amendments to current legislation and the available financial resources. The Vice Presidents have estimated that the new university may realistically be expected to start its operations in 2019 at the earliest, provided that the necessary legislative changes are completed before the end of 2016.   

    The Chairmen of the Boards are pleased that the three HEIs have now set themselves a clear goal.  

    "This is an excellent opportunity for Tampere to lead the way in the development of new and unique higher education policy. By providing an environment for new kinds of education and research, we can create a university that enjoys international recognition and combines labour market relevance with world-class research. We'll stay closely in tune with the needs of our personnel, students and stakeholders while moving forward with the preparations," says Matti Höyssä, Chairman of the Board of Tampere University of Applied Sciences.

    "The new university will bring together an unprecedented combination of technology, health, society, economy and leadership and thereby serve the needs of research, education and the working world. It's great that the three HEIs have found a common goal that they can pursue together," states Tero Ojanperä, Chairman of the Board of Tampere University of Technology.  

    "Now the local HEIs share a goal. Our journey is only beginning, but this project unites our extensive campus communities. The key to success is the strong commitment of all our stakeholders to the process of finding answers to open questions and to the new university," says Kai Öistämö, Chairman of the Board of the University of Tampere.

    Further information:

    Tampere University of Applied Sciences:
    Chairman of the Board Matti Höyssä, tel. +358 400 625 972,
    Rector Markku Lahtinen, tel. +358 50 524 6525,

    Tampere University of Technology:
    Chairman of the Board Tero Ojanperä, tel. +358 40 5583096,
    President Markku Kivikoski, tel. +358 40 849 0094,

    University of Tampere:
    Chairman of the Board Kai Öistämö, tel. +358 40 505 6832,
    Rector Kaija Holli, tel. +358 50 395 1199,


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