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    Hämeen Laaturemontti: “This work is not run from an ivory tower!”

    Managing Director Kimmo Riihimäki, Hämeen Laaturemontti​
    Managing Director Kimmo Riihimäki, Hämeen Laaturemontti​

    We at Hämeen Laaturemontti have had no desire to wallow in the fact that the economy is in a poor state. For us, the situation is extremely good in terms of work orders, and we are forging ahead through active efforts.

    Hämeen Laaturemontti has grown rapidly in recent years. The company has doubled its turnover and staff in three years. We are currently a team of over 200 professionals stationed throughout Finland, and one of the cornerstones of our operations is to avoid subcontractors – everyone working under the Hämeen Laaturemontti name is an employee of the company. Because we believe in leading by example, in this company even the managing director climbs up on the roof and gets his hands dirty. This work is not run from an ivory tower!

    Among other things, Hämeen Laaturemontti has invested in its own profile production, which is one of the company's definite strengths: the company is not dependent on any supplier. What this means is that, since the company shapes its own roofing sheets, roof renovations can be initiated very quickly. The company began its own profile production in Pirkkala in August 2013. The company constructed new production facilities for the purpose and has tripled production over the course of 18 months.

    The company is preparing for the continuation of rapid growth. We have acquired a fourth site from the municipality of Pirkkala and drawn up additional construction plans. In recent years, Hämeen Laaturemontti has established numerous facilities around the country, and in February it purchased its eighth place of business in Seinäjoki through a corporate acquisition. The goal is to eventually cover Finland in its entirety.

    The operations of Hämeen Laaturemontti began in 1993 in Pirkanmaa and have since expanded to all corners of Finland. The company established by Managing Director Kimmo Riihimäki has grown into a leader in the field of roof construction. Its turnover in 2014 was slightly over €40 million. The company is based in Pirkkala.

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