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    Hack the glass!

    Glaston, the world's leading manufacturer of glass tempering machines now opens up its product development in cooperation with hackathons and startup companies. The target is to find new solutions for future automatic heat treatment glass manufacturing machines.

    Hack the Glass! Glaston järjestää yhdessä Business Tampereen kanssa maailman ensimmäisen lasinvalmistusalaan keskittyvän hackathonin.

    Digitalization in machine building industry is reshaping the business. Digitalization opens up new and more productive ways for production and increases the customer experience.

    Glaston is the leading manufacturer of glass tempering machines in the world. Glaston’s core expertise is in heat treatment technology, and company’s technological leading position is based on customer-oriented product development.

    Glaston knows that digitalization will revolutionize the glass machinery and invites you to be part of this journey – join now to the Glaston hackathon. Accept the challenge and register by October 12th, 2017.

    We are looking for data scientists, IoT experts, software developers, service designers as well as startups, students and researchers to help create and apply new solutions, methods and services that either improve Glaston’s operational excellence, or enable demand-driven service.

    You can choose between four challenges within the hackathon's scope:

    • data analytics
    • preventative maintenance
    • machine vision
    • open challenge

    Hack the Glass -event is organised on October 31st to November 2nd, 2017, in Tampere at Kampusareena.

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