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    Great summer for the game scene in Tampere – acquisition, millions of downloads and many recognitions!

    Tampere - awesome place to make games!

    Mobile gaming publisher flaregames has acquired the Tampere based startup studio Kopla Games. As a result of the earlier partnership of the two, they launched the huge success in the beginning of June, mobile game Nonstop Knight. Another recent news from Tampere came from Traplight, the developer of the physics based social racer Big Bang Racing that reached more than a million downloads in just three days after its launch.

    Following runaway success of Nonstop Knight, game publisher flaregames acquires Kopla Games

    Followed by the 2 million installs in the the first 3 days of the release of the Nonstop Knight, the mobile game publisher flaregames has acquired Kopla Games. The acquisition follows on from the current partnership between the two companies with Nonstop Knight. The mobile game developed by Kopla Games was the most successful game launch in flaregames company history.

    "Tampere is awesome place to make games. It´s centrally located, short distance from Helsinki and it has a really youthful vibe to it. Our partner at flaregames has noticed the same thing and they really want us to continue doing what we do right here, providing their professional assistance when needed. Why fix something that isn´t broken, right? The acquisition allows us to really concentrate on just creating great games for people to enjoy", says Antti Salomaa, VP, Kopla Games

    Kopla Games Team
    Kopla Games Team


    As well as retaining the company name, Kopla Games will also remain in its current location in the centre of Tampere, Finland. Read more about the acquisition here!

    Tampere based Traplight’s Social Racer has been featured among the hot new releases by Apple and Google

    Big Band Racing, social racer created by Tampere based Traplight, was featured on both, the App Store and Google Play storefronts among the best new releases. It reached more than a million downloads just 3 days after the release. Traplight is a mobile game studio that aims to revolutionize the way players – and the game industry – conceive and experience user-generated content. Big Bang Racing is Traplights' deput game. Read more here!

    Booming game scene

    The success for Tampere based companies is no coincidence - according to the Good News from Finland, European game industry professionals have named Finland for the second time in the row as the third-best country for producing games in Europe (Source: GDC Europe’s annual State of the Industry report). 

    The good news of the week are just another proof of the accelerating game industry in Tampere. Tampere is one of the biggest game hubs in Finland and the local game industry is growing fast. Tampere holds a strong game industry network and active game developer community.


    Photo of the cover: Kopla Games Team

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