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    Visit Tampere has been busy working on some new material for tourists visiting the region. The newest addition to the selection of maps is called "Fun for kids in Tampere" and it introduces, literally, the most fun places in Tampere for families to visit. Instead of just telling it like it is, the map features some coloring tasks and other small puzzles to keep things interesting for the younger visitors.

    Heli Jokela and Karoliina Lehtonen from Tredea’s Visit Tampere are excited to present the region to tourists, with love.

    "We’ve been wondering for long, how to best put forward all the family attractions in the region. Our new Russia sales specialist Grigory Kharitidis also brought up the need for family directed material to send to Russian travel agencies", says Karoliina Lehtonen, Marketing Manager for Tourism in Tredea.

    The brochure was made into a map, not only because of the good feedback for the "From Locals With Love" -tourist map, but also because the map format allows the brochure to be entertaining and activating for kids. Grigory Kharitidis made the connection to a Russian illustrator Aleksandra Balashova, who spent a week in Tampere with her family to take in what she saw and draw it into a map.

    "We’re more than happy with Aleksandra’s view of our city", Lehtonen says.

    "Fun for Kids in Tampere" will be printed out in three languages; Finnish, English and Russian. Like all Visit Tampere material, you can order or pick up the map for free from the Visit Tampere tourist information at Hämeenkatu 14b. The map will be out beginning of February.

    Existing maps have also been updated and translated into new languages. From Locals With Love -tourist map is now also available in German, and a Japanese version of the popular Walking Tours in the City Centre -map will be out in February.

    ”You’ll know a tourist by seeing them out on the town with their noses buried in a map. You’ll read these just for fun!” thinks the whole Visit Tampere team.

    Translation: Heli Jokela, Tampere Region Economic Development Agency Tredea/ Visit Tampere

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