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    From Tampere, with Love

    The city of Tampere in Finland is not only the most attractive city in the best country of the world but also a center for high level expertise and manufacturing industry. All this combined with rapid access to other regions in the country, as well as abroad, make Tampere the Bright place to be not only for tourists but for businesses of different fields. This year Tampere Region is known as the capital of love where things are done passionately in cooperation with wide range experts and with positive twinkle in the eye.

    Known for its nationally unique culture, special type of rock music, popular comedy sketch characters and lively theatre scene, Tampere Region is also succeeding in the world with its intelligent machines, top-class IT companies and health technology products. Other areas of expertise in the region are the manufacturing industry, creative fields, cleantech, energy and nanotechnology.

    “The essence of our region is in the trinity of rock, steel and love. The vibrant culture scene, strong research expertise, long industrial legacy, and the relaxed atmosphere make this the most attractive region in Finland. Companies tell us the positive image of the city of Tampere is important to them because it’s easy to get competent employees. Expertise attracts experts,” says Päivi Myllykangas, Managing Director of Tredea, Tampere Region Economic Development Agency.

    Experts come to stay

    One in five residents of Tampere is a student, and year after year Tampere is ranked as one of the most popular cities to study in. This ensures skilled labor force that is likely to stay in the region for good.

    “According to surveys, two-thirds of global companies operating in the Tampere Region stayed here because of the availability and stability of skilled labor. Here comes the Bright!” confirms Director Petri Nykänen, who is responsible for business services and investment attraction in Tredea.

    Mr Nykänen also highlights the optimal logistical location of the Tampere Region in Finland which is particularly interesting for businesses in the commercial and logistics fields of industry. Also, Tampere Region is only a short flight from the most important Scandinavian and Baltic metropolitan areas.

    Positively weird place

    The Tampere Region is the second largest city region in Finland and among the most rapidly growing urban areas in the country. According to Finnish market research company Taloustutkimus, Tampere is one of the most popular travel destinations and the most attractive place to live in Finland.

    “It’s easy to highlight the best aspects of our region using the theme of love. This year’s common theme has stirred already dozens of actors into motion and into making their own love themed events and products. This year’s theme will help us highlight our top products and the positively weird aspects of our region’s subcultures. The theme of love perfectly describes the way we do thighs: with ease, simplicity and with a passion for doing things together,” tells Karoliina Lehtonen, Marketing Manager of Tredea.

    Companies located in the Tampere Region mainly compare Tampere to the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, in which case the affordable cost level and availability of skilled labor in the Tampere region are emphasized.

    “Sometimes we forget that we are near Helsinki and yet our cost level is 20 – 30 per cent lower than in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. In addition, the Tampere Region is a compact, sense region, where it is easy to move around,” notes Petri Nykänen.

    Published in Finnish Professionals 2014 by Editor Helsinki Oy (page 11).

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