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    Finland is my home

    Globalisation has led to enormous international migration. Nowadays, human being migrates from one country to another more than any time before due to different necessities including pursuing higher education and conducting research in international context. Like many other universities at home and abroad, the Tampere Universities receive an increasing number of international researchers for research-, development-, and innovation purposes to its Tampere campuses every year.

    The fact is that on arrival, the researchers and their spouses face a new country, a new society, a new culture and above all new surroundings. The researchers gradually integrate into the daily life and culture through their professional engagement and interaction with people around them. However, spouse community of the arriving researchers usually stay home alone and experience detachment from rest of the society. This detachment impedes spouse community from acquiring much needed information for integration, building network, enhancing involvement, and seeking job opportunities.

    On considering the above-mentioned scenario, the Hidden Gems project is the first initiative supporting dual-career couples in Finland and take place in the Tampere region. Hidden Gems is aiming at enlightening the spouse community of international researchers with practical information of Finland including culture for making their living pleasant; integrating into the society smooth; and looking forward opportunities as per skill and ability. Hidden Gems is an initiative of Tampere universities. The project is part of the Talent Boost agenda of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment and funded by the European Social Fund.

    Finland is one of the safest, peaceful, and digital technology dominated countries in the world. Finnish cultural value emphasises, among other issues, upon individualism, freedom of choice, gender equality, quality of life, economic equity, and a sense of togetherness in facing tough challenges. Among other particularities, Tampere is the most attractive city to live and study in Finland. Hidden Gems commit to provide networking, mentoring and professional development by empowering spouses in the Tampere community. The expert group of Hidden Gems is gladly waiting for acquainting you with the daily practicalities of Finland and uncovering the deeper meanings of its culture. You may greatly benefit yourself by opting for this opportunity. There will be two separate pilot groups, one from September 2018 to February 2019 and one from January to June 2019.

    We are looking forward to seeing you in the Fall 2018.

    For more information please contact the Project Coordinator Karelle Bélanger at, +358 50 447 8423.

    The Hidden Gems team; Kimmo, Nuppu, Karelle, Marika & Shaidul.


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