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    Add event

    A common calendar for events targeted to businesses in the Tampere Region.

    Business Event Calendar of Tampere Region at is hosted by Business Tampere to provide a common channel promoting various business events taking place in the Tampere Region. Via this form, you can add any event, training, webinar or open call to the calendar, if it is targeted to businesses in the Tampere area. The events in the calendar are mainly publicly financed.

    The more precise information you provide, the faster your event can be published.

    • The link to the actual event page is the most important piece of information we need for an event page.
    • Your personal contact information will not show on the calendar. If you wish your contact information to show on the event page, please add it to the event description field.
    • All event information will be reviewed by Business Tampere before publishing.

    How to add information to the calendar in Finnish at

    If your event takes place in the Tampere Region in English, you also might want to promote it in the Finnish event calendar at, and you can do so. However, the event content in Finnish is prioritised in the Finnish calendar: so at least a Finnish event title (if applicable) and a short event description in Finnish (even if the event language would be in English) are highly recommended.

    How? When you want to add your event to the Finnish calendar version as well, tick the box labelled ‘Also publish the event in Finnish’ below, and type your event content to the specific fields. Content in both languages will be submitted at the same time.


    Should you have any questions regarding the calendar, please contact Marketing & Communications Manager Leena Mäki-Suominen at Visit Tampere, tel. +358 50 486 3826, Thank you!

    Leena Mäki-Suominen

    Marketing and Communications Manager, Economic, Growth and Invest In Marketing

    +358 50 486 3826

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