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    Tampere Business Community - TaBu

    Welcome to Tampere Business Community - TaBu

    TaBu is a new initiative coordinated by Business Tampere to boost the economic growth and opportunities for businesses to connect better, sell more and grow faster utilizing collaboration and localization as strengths. Tampere Business Community allows you to:

    1) Map out and contact potential business opportunities

    2) Network and communicate with other experts on local level

    3) Strenghten your expertise and business brand together with other stakeholders

    4) Impact on the development of the business environment

    Lets make Tampere region together for the best place in Finland to do business!

    Note: At the moment not all the content is in English, but we constantly keep working to translate and produce more English content as well. However, please don't hesitate to join and engage the community and its members, you are more than welcome to join.

    Join the growing community!

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    Niina Immonen

    CDO, Chief Development Officer

    +358 40 821 5113

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