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    Startup Tampere mentors are the secret weapons of our successful startups

    Mentoring relationships can be powerful. They can increase a company’s odds of success more than almost anything else. Startup Tampere mentors are individuals with deep industry, investment, and entrepreneurship experience. They focus on critical business issues, work pro bono, without expectation of reward or compensation, will share guidance and provide intros to networks.

    Mentoring is rewarding and a great way to “pay-it-forward”

    Startups look for validation, feedback and tactical advice from someone who’s “been there”. You will gain VIP access to promising entrepreneurs and fast-growing companies, give something back to the community, expand your network and portfolio, and in best cases the learning becomes bi-directional. As a mentor you are our valued partner in helping your local startup ecosystem grow and prosper.

    Becoming an official Startup Tampere mentor

    Mentors are an important part of what makes Startup Tampere great. Thank you for your interest in giving your time and energy to our community. Many of our mentors have experience driving growth at some pretty cool companies and we’re always looking for more. Join the mentoring pool by:

    1. Letting us know your interests, background and strengths by filling out the mentoring application form.
    2. Stay in touch! Join Startup Tampere Slack (linkki) to chat with our team or wait for us to contact you for next mentoring opportunities and startup matchmaking. You are not obligated to anything we don’t agree on.
    3. As the mentoring program progresses, your interaction with the companies will be self-driven. You will decide how often and how many companies you mentor. A digital matchmaking tool will be provided.
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