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    Eficode – attracted to Tampere by the market and specialists

    “Active people who all have a strong mindset for getting things done.” This is how Kai Jokiniemi, Head of Eficode’s Tampere unit, describes his employees. Eficode, Finland’s leading DevOps consulting company, announced in the summer that it would establish a unit in Tampere and started recruitments right away.

    The first wave of specialists started work at the beginning of August, even before the Tampere premises were fully equipped. The staff immediately started the actual work with clients while putting the finishing touches to the office on the side. There has been a good team spirit from the very beginning thanks to doing things together, and people are moving forward in an enthusiastic atmosphere.

    “In a way, we already know the job, since the team’s experience can be applied to different areas highly extensively. On the other hand, many people now get to see new, interesting areas of business from the inside,” Jokiniemi says.

    Eficode office at Technopolis Tampere
    Sakari Hoisko, Kai Jokiniemi, Kari Heinonen and Jane Solala working at Eficode’s Tampere office.

    Eficode’s first-wave team in Tampere particularly combines telecommunications, cloud and system expertise with experience of both leading and carrying out even large international projects. This suits Eficode well; its mission is to help its clients become better software companies. Software is everywhere these days, and thus many traditional industrial companies are also increasingly becoming companies that produce software.

    “We can help these companies, just like conventional software companies, to create their software more efficiently. DevOps is the name of the umbrella under which we do this work.”

    Eficode decided to expand its Finnish operations from Helsinki to Tampere because of the local market and expertise. The company already had clients in the region before, and its goal is to increase their number.

    “After these ten or so years of slower economic development, many companies have pent-up needs for product development and doing things more efficiently, and we can help them with that,” Jokiniemi says.

    Jokiniemi emphasises that when Eficode talks about doing things more efficiently, it does not mean reducing the number of employees but rather, for instance, automating recurring tasks such that people can spend more time on more productive work. One example of this is the automation of testing.

    Eficode's Tampere office
    Kai Jokiniemi, Sakari Hoisko, Sami Pesonen and Kaj Koski - getting things done in Tampere.

    The Tampere region’s specialists have already aroused international interest, and news about new investments in the region have been coming in at an increasing pace. Jokiniemi can well understand why the companies are active.

    “Skilful specialists are not available everywhere,” he notes.

    The recruitment of experienced people is highlighted in the Tampere region, now that the people who were let go by Microsoft are seeking new challenges. However, Eficode also intends to turn its recruiting gaze to the younger generation and the local universities.

    “Eficode is a company growing profitably – within the past year, we have recruited more than 40 people in Finland and will continue on this track. In addition to seasoned specialists, the company also has younger employees, and practically every month someone in Eficode’s organisation completes his or her Master of Science degree in technology,” Jokiniemi says.

    Translation: Lingoneer

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