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    Crowdfunding campaign for the Finnish Museum of Games raised over 85 000 euros

    The crowdfunding campaign for The Finnish Museum of Games ended on September 30th. The Mesenaatti ( campaign gathered 85 870 euros - by far the largest sum raised by crowdfunding in the history of the Mesenaatti service, the biggest crowdfunding platform in Finland. A fierce final spurt was witnessed during the last week of the campaign, when hundreds of private sponsors joined in to support the campaign. Altogether there were 1 121 private sponsors.

    "The positive response to the project has been amazing. Of course we believed in the cause, but it’s still great to see how many people have joined in on it. Over 1 100 sponsors and a record-winning funding sum tell us clearly how much this type of a museum has been yearned for in Finland", says Mikko Heinonen from Pelikonepeijoonit.

    "The Finnish Museum of Games warmly thanks all the supporters", says researcher Outi Penninkangas from the Museum Centre Vapriikki.

    The Mesenaatti campaign enables the museum to become a real experience - the visitors will get to play for example the Pong Game machine, the Twilight Zone flipper and the Dragon Tree at the museum.

    The Finnish Museum of Games will be opened in the premises of the Museum Centre Vapriikki, in Tampere, on January 6th 2017. The museum will display the several decades of game playing history in Finland. The game enthusiasts who participated in the campaign will get to visit their own museum in December 2016, a month before any other visitors.

    The Finnish Museum of Games has been established as a result of collaboration between the Rupriikki Media Museum situated in Vapriikki, Pelikonepeijoonit game collectors and the University of Tampere. The project is also supported by the Open Tampere Programme.

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