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    Come and ask us!

    What can I do in the Tampere Region today? Where is the main library Metso? Where could I go to sauna? I am planning a trip by car to the Tampere Region. Where should I head to? Tourist Information answers all these and millions of other questions.

    Tampere Tourist Information has been exceptionally busy this summer, since it moved from the railway station to near the Central Square. Information Officers Heli Jokela and Laura Puurunen are very pleased with the new facilities.

    – The location is as good as it gets, and customers already found us on the day of our move, when we were not even open. The new location makes it easy to stay in tune with the bustle of the city and events, says Jokela.

    – The new location is right in the heart of Tampere. It is wonderful to step outside with the hustle and bustle of Hämeenkatu right there in front of you and all the events in the Central Square just around the corner, continues Puurunen.

    The new Visit Tampere tourist information is next to the Tampere Central Square.
    The new Visit Tampere tourist information is next to the Tampere Central Square​


    You can ask anything – and people do just that. While some already have a long list of places to visit and need further information on those places, others may be in need of recommendations on a very general level.

    – In the latter case, the role of the information officer is crucial in finding destinations that are appealing to the customer, says Puurunen.

    – But it is not a problem. You just need to ask a few questions and maybe even read between the lines to determine what sort of thing would work best for the customer at hand, continues Jokela.

    Recommendations made easy with experience. Jokela and Puurunen have been working in tourism in the Tampere Region for several years now, so the region and its destinations are familiar to them, and new ideas keep coming up.

    – When I walk around the city, this job keeps me very attentive, for example, to new shops and restaurants, says Puurunen.

    – The same goes for social media. It’s a great way to keep up with destinations that are of interest to travellers and you also discover new ones, says Jokela.

    Being brisk, sound, careful and checking the facts, are things that Heli Jokela and Laura Puurunen list as the most important features and tasks of a good tourist information officer
    Briskness, assertiveness, diligence and fact-checking – these are the key characteristics of a good information officer according to Heli Jokela and Laura Puurunen​


    The central location will mean more busy days in the summer of Tourist Information. The information officers know how to prepare in advance: a good night’s sleep, a balanced breakfast and an accessible supply of water make the day fly by in a jiffy.

    – This is a great job after all. Customers are enjoying their time off and are, as a result, in a good mood, so customer service is a true pleasure, laughs Puurunen.

    – It’s always nice to meet people who are excited to be in Tampere and want to have pleasant experiences here, says Jokela.

    Jokela and Puurunen travel a lot themselves, and preferably without any precise and fixed plans, because sometimes you discover more by getting lost
    Jokela and Puurunen travel a lot themselves, and preferably without any precise and fixed plans, because sometimes you discover more by getting lost​


    Heli and Laura’s Tampere – the information officers recommend:

    Heli: “My favourite spots include the walkway behind Finlayson and Tampella and the new Palatsinraitti bridge crossing the rapids. The area is breathtakingly beautiful and views open up both in the direction of the lake and city centre. The route is also suitable for cyclists. Cultural destinations, such as Tallipiha Stable Yards, Finlayson and Museum Centre Vapriikki, are also nearby.

    Pispala keeps on surprising you with every visit. A guided walk will provide more insight and reveal the lesser known secrets of Pispala, and the steps give you a great workout!”  

    Laura: “It’s wonderful to spend a relaxed day picnicking under the old trees of Hatanpää Park on the shore of Lake Pyhäjärvi.

    In front of the impressive scenery at the beach of Lake Suolijärvi in Hervanta, you feel as if surrounded by the wilderness, even though you are only a 30-minute bus ride away from the city centre. To balance the time spent relaxing on the beach, you can walk the 4½-km nature trail going around Lake Suolijärvi, which offers a great experience of the forest, even for Finns!” 

    Their shared recommendation:

    Check out the summer’s weekly Visit Tampere programme at offering many sorts of guided outdoor activities and, among other things, the guided walking tour of Blooming Hatanpää on Sundays for the rest of the summer and the World’s only Pispala tour on Tuesdays until 12 August!


    Tampere Tourist Information has been serving customers near the Central Square in the Tampere Theatre building (Hämeenkatu 14 B) since the beginning of July. In summer, it is open Mon–Fri 9–18 and Sat–Sun 10–15.

    The same facility also houses the joint ticket office for the Tampere cultural venues. The sale of cultural tickets will begin on 4 August.

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