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    Call for bids: LinkedIn search and analysis for Talent Tampere

    Business Tampere / Talent Tampere Boost project is calling for bids for a planning and execution of a LinkedIn search and analysis with the aim to expand the Tampere Ambassador network.


    Business Tampere coordinates the Tampere Ambassador network which aims to help internationally oriented people promote Tampere abroad and to gather together internationally and business oriented people who love Tampere. This network is open for all people regardless of their nationality or professional background.

    Tampere Ambassador network is part of Talent Tampere Boost project which develops regional co-operation and concrete activities to bridge internationals living in the Tampere region with local companies. The aim is to provide new ideas, resources and networks for growth companies and simultaneously to support international talents’ professional integration and career development.

    Bidding process

    Due to the small size of the procurement in question, a limited and simplified bidding process is applicable. The all-inclusive maximum price is 5 500€ (+ VAT). Offers above this amount or submitted after the given DL will not be taken into account and Business Tampere reserves the right not to buy the service.

    Service to be procured

    The main goal of the LinkedIn search and analysis is to identify, contact and encage persons to become active members of the Tampere Ambassador network. The search must concentrate on the former students from Tampere higher education institutes. Thematic focus of the search is based on the focus areas determined in the Economic Development Progamme of Business Tampere. Geographically the focus should be in the following countries: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Great Britain, Japan, China and USA. Other additional search filters will be agreed together.

    The procured service will have to include:

    • Planning and implementation of the search
    • Communication with potential candidates
    • Documentation of results in writing (in English or in Finnish)

    The bid has to include the following:

    • The proposal on the schedule and the tentative implementation plan
    • Details of the organiser, including relevant experience and possible references on similar work implemented.
    • The CV of the person delivering the service
    • Price (+ VAT), all inclusive.

    Terms of the bid

    The bid doesn’t include options for future procurement.

    The chosen service provider’s eligibility and the legal status will be verified.

    The service is paid against the invoice after the work is completed. No additional office, project management, invoicing or other costs are accepted. The payment is subject to the submission of final documentation and report.

    The winning bid is selected on the basis of the price and the quality. When assessing the quality, the following is considered:

    • The expertise and experience of the service provider
    • The plan and schedule to do the work
    • Service provider should have fluent skills in English

    Submission of bids

    The bid with all requested information can be prepared in English or in Finnish. The bids needs to be submitted by email to: by 15 December 2017. Questions on the bidding can be sent to the same address.

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