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    Follow-up and assessment of the Tampere Region Tourism Strategy 2022-2025

    In 2022, in the middle of the strategy period, the business environment is different in many ways compared to the end of 2019. The strategy was assessed by Visit Tampere in the spring 2022.

    The Tampere region’s tourism vision is to be the most interesting city of events and experiences in Northern Europe, known for its courage and sustainable growth.

    Visit Tampere’s mission is to raise international awareness of the Tampere region and help developing tourism companies and communities grow.

    The competitiveness of our region and tourism companies requires sustainable growth and opportunities to create new business and develop existing business. Growth means better sales and market share, increased value and size, the creation of networks and the development and sharing of know-how. New international markets are an integral part of growth.

    Visit Tampere and its stakeholders evaluated and clarified the current phenomena and strategic goals of the current strategy in 2022.


    • Utilising artificial intelligence
    • Developing virtual experience economy
    • Shortage of professionals
    • Rapid changes in the operating environment
    • Green and digital transition
    • Growth of experience economy

    Strategic goals



    • Adding investments
    • Focusing on international congresses and business meetings that bring volume to the region
    • Intensifying marketing and promotional measures in destination cities with air connections to Tampere

    • We challenge companies to improve their customer experience and help them develop their digital customer experience.
    • Visit Tampere’s own channels suggest tourist routes utilising company information in the DataHub and recommendations by the local residents.

    • We continue to develop our digital findability through marketing campaigns and promotional measures and also develop digital purchasability together with companies.
    • We survey and pilot the potential of artificial intelligence to develop customer experience in sales and marketing.

    • We encourage and help companies achieve their emission reduction goals and promote sustainable accessibility.
    • We offer companies responsibility training and sparring and give them the chance to join the Sustainable Travel Finland programme and Think Sustainably service.
    • We capitalise on the funding opportunities of green transition through cooperation between the public and private sector and educational institutions.

    • Promoting the creation of tourism sector start-ups
    • Increasing the attractiveness and recognition of the sector together with educational institutions
    • Attracting international labour to the Tampere Region in cooperation with the City of Tampere, companies and educational institutions

    • We offer improved and more targeted services to companies.
    • We seek to gain development funding (from the ERDF) for the region.
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