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    Tampere university community and research centers

    Tampere university community’s priority areas are technology, health and society. The faculty of Medicine and Health Technology (MET), with staff of over 500 with over 70 research groups, brings together unique research expertise in medicine, biosciences, and engineering.

    The MET faculty is committed to generating new knowledge and solutions that promote health and wellbeing and benefit both individuals and the broader society. It is also a member of SPARK Finland, a programme that offers commercialisation support for academic researchers.

    The MET faculty is one of the most research oriented at Tampere University with  54% of our 61M€  budget coming from grants from Academy of Finland, Business Finland, EU and numerous other foundations. A unique research environment and infrastructure innovatively combine engineering, medicine and biology for the benefit of the science, society and patients as well as companies interested on health technology and engineering research, preclinical and clinical services.

    The MET's research areas

    • clinical medicine,
    • cell and molecular biology,
    • biomedical engineering,
    • immunology, paediatrics,
    • prostate cancer,
    • cardiovascular systems,
    • biomaterials and tissue engineering,
    • biomedical microsystems,
    • imaging, and
    • computational biology and health informatics.

    The close collaboration with the healthcare sector and the Tampere University Hospital enables us to utilise our research findings, such as new diagnostic methods and treatment options, in clinical practice.

    The MET faculty hosts three Academy of Finland Centers of Excellence:

    The MET faculty houses five research centres:

    In addition, Regea Cell and Tissue Center and the Finnish Centre for Alternative Methods (FICAM) are located in the faculty.

    MET is the second-largest provider of medical specialist training in Finland

    The faculty of Medicine and Health Technology of Tampere University produces graduates with broad-based knowledge and skills to meet the future demand for both medical and health technology professionals. It offers extensive training in 50 medical specialties and 5 dental specialties.

    The teaching draws on the latest research conducted worldwide, and we work to ensure that the students are closely integrated into the research community. We maintain diverse learning environments, such as modern simulation and laboratory facilities, and invest in their continuous development.

    Two main degree programmes are available in the Finnish language:

    • The Licentiate Degree Programme in Medicine aims to train students to become medical doctors with excellent problem-solving skills and the ability to acquire, evaluate and use new knowledge.
    • The Degree Programme in Biotechnology and Biomedical Engineering provide students with a unique, cross-disciplinary environment for learning that brings together biosciences, biomedicine and biomedical engineering to improve people’s well-being and promote the adoption of new health technology applications.

    Two English-taught master’s programmes for international students

    • The Master’s Degree Programme in Biomedical Sciences and Engineering, and
    • The Master´s Degree Programme in Biomedical Technology.

    Also, it offers two doctoral programmes with together over 400 doctoral students that aim to provide innovative and internationally recognised doctoral education and generate research evidence that improves human well-being and delivers wider benefits to society.

    More information about Tampere University MET.

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