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    Companies providing healthcare solutions and protective gear to COVID-19 crisis

    A list of companies operating in the Tampere Region, Finland

    The global COVID-19 pandemic is causing a strong demand for various health technologies and solutions.  On this page, you find a list of the companies of the Tampere health technology and life science ecosystem providing healthcare solutions and protective gear to the crisis caused by the coronavirus.

    Business Tampere and its partners are closely monitoring the impacts of the coronavirus on business life. Should your company or innovation be included to the list of COVID-19 providers, please contact Ms Vân Lê at Business Tampere,

    Find the recent news and business opportunities for the companies on Health Tampere landing page.


    Lifa Air is a Finnish company that currently manufactures respirators and masks in China. Lifa Air Ltd is the world’s leading producer of safe and clean indoor air products and equipment, specializing in Ventilation Hygiene and Building Protection. Their production will start in Tampere later this spring with the target to manufacture over 100 million respirators and surgical masks annually.

    Walki Group is a leading, international producer of technical laminates and protective packaging materials. Walki’s high-performance protective material for single-use hospital aprons, Walki®Apron 45, has achieved the highest class according to the standard based on the DIN EN 14126: 2004 norm. The material is now ready to be delivered to customers, who will make the aprons needed in hospitals all over the world in the fight against COVID-19. Walki®Apron 45 meets all the necessary safety standards, and the material is safe to use in protective gear for hospital personnel.

    Ahlstrom-Munksjö is one of the world’s leaders in sustainable and innovative fiber solutions. Since April 2020, the company has expanded the production of face mask materials to a line normally used for industrial filtration materials at the Tampere plant in Finland. With the current capability, the Tampere plant can deliver fabrics for around 10 million face masks per month on short notice.

    Tam-Silk Oy is a private Finnish clothing manufacturer that operates and manufactures all its products in Tampere region. The company produces 90-degree washable face masks made from 100% cotton. Besides delivering masks directly to the customers’ homes during the crisis, they also can deliver larger procurement (more than 1000 pieces) for the public sector or healthcare industry.

    Prenta Oy is a Finnish manufacturer specializing in 3D printers using FDM technology. They can manufacture plastic masks using 3D printing.

    NMC Cellfoam Oy produces Face shields with glass-clear plastic film, designed to protect the person from splashes on the face and small flying particles. The product is CE-marked, disposable and non-sterile.

    Scanpoint Oy is a Finnish family business specializing in making outfits for professional working environments. Their face masks are made from Ahlstrom-Munksjö fiber material. There are other workwear producers operating in Tampere, such as, Domino Workwear Oy that also organizes R&D, material control, quality assurance, manufacturing coordination and production planning in Tampere for their clients, Image Wear Oy produces nearly 5,000 different products and operates in several countries, Alfa Wear Oy is among the biggest suppliers of category for Finnish public sector with an extensive collection includes protective clothing for health care personnel as well as patient wear items.

    Lymed Oy has started manufacturing face masks in cooperation with Tredu – Kaleva Vocational College in Tampere since April 21, 2020. Lymed face masks are two-layer fabric masks with a shapeable nasal reinforcement, they are reusable and washable. Lymed used the materials that comply with EU regulations, and do not contain rubber or natural fibers. Inquiry for face masks can be done via an electric form.

    Intermedius Oy offers the high-quality Filter Media material RESPITEXX from Freudenberg to produce  “Daily Use Masks” and Nevil Oy offers face masks made in all sizes for both adults and children. Orneule Oy is the largest manufacturer of metric knit goods in Finland, they start producing fabric masks in Tampere for individual customers.

    Inion Oy is involved in the fight against the coronavirus by importing high-quality medical nasal protectors manufactured by our parent company Naton Medical Group for the use of social and healthcare professionals. This protector provides excellent additional protection, for example, interactions between clients and employees of home care and nursing homes.

    3DStep is a Finnish in industrial 3D printing service house. 3DStep manufactures protective visirs for customers in different industries, such as healthcare and customer services. With the serial production capacity, the company can manufacture up to 1000 personalized or branded visirs / week. They also have the capability to collaborate (design, prototyping, innovation) on product development for new health solutions, such as ventilators, products for special needs and ergonomy.

    Dimex is a Finnish family business that produces durable, high-quality workwear and facemasks. Dimex has designed and manufactured workwear for demanding conditions since 1982. Our selection includes clothing suitable for industries from construction to freight services.

    Tammer BioLab Ltd is a privately owned company that has produced microbiological culture media in Tampere for over 30 years. During the last year it has started new production lines for sampling tubes and other sampling devices, both for domestic and international sales. Currently various sampling tubes for Covid-19 diagnostics are its new major products. Tammer BioLab has over 70 employees and its laboratories and production facilities are located in the near vicinity of the Tampere University Hospital.

    Delta Cygni Labs is a VTT spin-off company. Their product POINTR is an application that works similar to Skype-download, and call. Through POINTR an expert anywhere in the world can see the problem and visualize the solution directly to the video or screenshot. POINTR application is available without charge to public hospitals for remotely maintaining medical equipment. The resolution is high and the video does not pixelate even if the network is poor. The coronavirus epidemic has created a clear peak in the number of users of POINTR.

    Movendos specializes in remote solutions in healthcare, social care, rehabilitation, and therapy. Movendos Health Platform is a comprehensive solution to offer services related to fluent time reservations, data collection, surveys, reporting, remote appointments, chat, and messaging. The solutions enable fluent communications between the patients and care professionals remotely. Movendos in the list of recommended remote rehabilitation platforms by the Social Insurance Institution of Finland KELA.

    eHoiva Service Network (eCare Network Service) has made it easy to coordinate work for nurses. eHoiva is a comprehensive system that combines shift planning, monitoring of working hours, real-time management of service resources, and data transfer for invoicing. Furthermore, the system can be connected to electric locking and access control systems, which means that nurses can use their mobile phone as a key to the customer’s home. This tool enables nurses to take care of their patients smoothly during the Coronavirus crisis.

    Nursebuddy is a Home Care Management Software that saves managers’ and carers’ time in administrative tasks like scheduling, monitoring, reporting and invoicing, leaving more time for care. The app enables carers to tailor care plans & risk assessments for clients, allowing fluent remote working experience for them. Carers can use their own smartphone and download the app for free. If they do not have a smartphone, they can use a tablet or use their computer at home to log in at the start and end of each day.

    Hospitalized Covid-19 patients need more fans fast and these fans need user interfaces. Siili_auto has built a proof-of-concept of the user interface for a fan based on Qt for MCUs technology running on a Microcontroller platform. They are releasing the Prototype source code for free to all fan manufacturers. Download the PoC source code here for free:

    DS Smith Packaging is a leading global manufacturer of sustainable corrugated case materials and specialty papers. In collaboration with the local government and volunteers from Nata Veljković pre-school, they provided aid kits to all residents over 65 years old. DS Smith donated 37,000 boxes to package the aid kits, which were produced and delivered in less than 48 hours. DS Smith has been donating funds and equipment to a host of local charities and hospitals to help some of the most vulnerable people during the Covid-19 pandemic. They are supporting their customers to deliver food directly to supermarket shelves, or to ensure that medicines or medical equipment are able to be shipped to where it is needed now.

    Amerplast Ltd. provides flexible plastic packaging solutions for both food and non-food applications to the biggest brands in key market segments in Europe. Amerplast has been identified as a critical supplier for synthetic ethyl alcohol (ethanol) which is used in the production of disinfectants and sanitary products in the medical environment and in the production of solvents and printing inks. The secured supply of ethanol is essential for the continuous production of food packaging.

    Unitary Healthcare ‘s Uoma is a patient logistics system that connects all the professionals related to patient transfers and acts as a secure communication platform between organizations. Uoma has been updated with features enabling patient categorization and transferring patients automatically to the rightward during the COVID-19 crisis.

    Awanic Oy provides and develops database-based web applications for the needs of the private and public sectors. Their main product is HaiPro, an easy-to-use and low-cost solution for patient reporting and occupational safety incidents. A separate checkbox “COVID-19 situation as a contributing factor” has been added to the HaiPro patient safety and occupational safety notification forms

    Lean Entries is a testing a Corona Guide demo created on the company’s platform, the Entries. The demo enables quick, exact, and actionable information for every citizen regarding the Covid-19 pandemic. The authorities could also harness Entries to collect statistics.

    PulseOn Oy specializes in optical heart rate (OHR) wearables for the medical and wellness sectors. They provide a wearable wrist device for remote detection of beat-to-beat intervals from wrist PPG in patients with sinus rhythm and atrial fibrillation, especially for the elderly. 

    Pensi Rescue Oy ‘s advanced patient transportation solutions have been reshaping the entire industry for almost 40 years, Addressing the most challenging feature of patient transportation: loading patients into vehicles without lifting and using physical force.

    Tamlans Oy Ab designs and manufactures uniquely designed and manufactured modules ready to be mounted on the now popular pick-up trucks chassis. Their Volkswagen Amarok modular ambulance is a well-designed work environment with all the equipment and tools needed for emergency.

    BioNavis Ltd provides a remote lab solution for teaching Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR). The service package includes materials, protocols, experiment data sets, software for programming and analysis, and step-by-step laboratory videos. All of these will be provided just by sending your contact information and the serial number of the MP-SPR Navi ™ instrument you use to

    Layette is a free mobile app that is the safest, easiest to use, and now a reliable source of knowledge for growing families. Leading Finnish healthcare professionals have helped us to develop this award-winning maternity app. The app provides users with the latest information on corona and pregnancy issues.

    Medified Solutions Oy provides a progressive web application for depression patients. During the crisis, depression is one of the main concerns for everyone while staying at home. The complexity of the depression varies with each individual and it is really important for each patient to receive Intensive personal care. The cloud-based software allows healthcare professionals to monitor the patients in real-time and provide the right treatment fast and efficiently.

    Moodmetric Measurement  is a useful tool for stress management when working from home. The app helps you to recognize how your body reacts in different situations in real-time and what are your personal best ways to recover. The Moodmetric smart ring helps you to recognize your limits so that you feel good and perform better.

    Addoz  provides automated medication dispensers for COVID-19 patients and risk groups at home. The intelligent dispenser reminds the patient to take the medication on time and prevents medication misuse. Products ensure better adherence and safe remote care.

    Huoleti App provides emotional support, easy channels for help in daily tasks, and community for people in need, and their friends and family. Support for friends and family takes the stigma of sickness away and helps them to stay connected with the patient. Shared and trusted information reduces unnecessary fears and strengthens treatment adherence and outcomes. Huoleti is a value-add service for home and health care providers and pharmaceuticals.

    Santen as an organization and their employees are donating to the fight against COVID-19 as part of the10,000 Hoursinitiative, Santen’s corporate social responsibility program. Santen will be able to distribute the donations, at a grassroots level, to local Ophthalmology Charities or initiatives that continue to provide care and support to Ophthalmology patients, ensuring continuity in their treatment amid ongoing restrictions. 

    Mectalent Medical Services provides support for protective equipment manufacturers to obtain the approvals required by the authorities for their products. The company can help to apply the current COVID-19 adapted requirements and relevant standards to each product, or it can assist in compiling technical documentation or building a suitable quality system for the product in order to obtain CE certification or other registrations worldwide. 

    Suunto provides indoor workout tips for Endurance Athletes and training tutorials for everyone who stays at home. In addition to training Inspirations, Polar’s smart coaching – a personal and tailored coaching program – allows you to receive advanced information to improve both health and fitness. Physiotools provides Home Exercise Programs for physical therapy, rehabilitation, and fitness via a free and easy-to-use professional exercise software. 

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