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    AI Transformation Hub Tampere

    Human-centered use of data and artificial intelligence transforms the way businesses, research, public sector and citizens operate. The change will cover our daily lives as well as reflect to long-term environmental, social and governance challenges.

    The transformation has accelerated a quest for global cooperation, and the first AI Transformation HUB has been established in Tampere, Finland. The Tampere hub will act as a central node in the global AI Transformation hub network gHAIR (Global Human AI Transformation Network).

    AI Transformation Hub Tampere targets

    • to be a world-leading AI transformation and  co-innovation hub, enabling Finland to become a more sustainable society with AI-driven solutions,
    • to build an international concentration of AI research, innovation and business in the Tampere Region,
    • to form a hub of research excellence in the diverse socio-technical topics of AI transformation, and well-being of people and the environment, and
    • to create a novel scientific understanding of AI transformation.

    AI Transformation Hub Tampere partners

    The Tampere AI ecosystem brings together AI expertise and activities in the Tampere Region.

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    The key themes of AI Transformation Hub Tampere

    1. Data-Driven City for Citizens  –  a development program of the City of Tampere (2022-2025).
      In the heart of  the smart city program are the people, citizens, and sustainability, and how to provide AI-based, proactive and automatic services for local residents. The program is driving a human-centric AI transformation through five flagship projects. The approach pf the program is pragmatic, the companies are involved in business activities and connected with research.
    2. Well-being
      Citizens need versatile services that support their wellbeing in different phases of life. Such services have to be accessible, understandable, and trustworthy. Interdisciplinary research findings are the basis for the wellbeing services for the citizens.
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    International collaboration and co-development through gHAIR network

    A global network of AI Transformation clusters is currently in progress. The network will support the mission of the Global Human AI Transformation Network (gHAIR) through collaborative research, innovation and business development.  Initial co-operation between AI Transformation Hub Tampere and Japan and South Korea clusters has been started.

    Forms of co-operation:

    • Service trials
    • International research visits
    • Researcher exchange
    • Workshops, for example co-design workshops
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    Lessons learned in the Finnish artificial intelligence project AuroraAI

    • People’s well-being and empowerment needs to be supported by broad cross-sectoral co-operation.
    • The customer journeys should be guided by people’s actual life events and corporate business events.
    • Digitalisation and usage of AI is vital in improving the smoothness of life and in the ability to anticipate the future.
    • Data interoperability needs to be based on new incentive models of the data economy and people’s ability to manage MyData.
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