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    Open data enables a real time snapshot of transport

    Is the cycle path clear of snow? Where is the closest charging point for an electric vehicle? Is the access route crowded? The real-time transport snapshot is increasingly available using follow-up data from both public and private sources.

    Creating a comprehensive real-time snapshot requires cooperation that exceeds the operating limits. Several projects and pilots related to status and condition information on the transport network are under their way in Tampere. The city council distributes a variety of transport information to developers and authorities and operates actively in opening public data materials.

    The goal is to create a visual, illustrative and comprehensive picture on the prevailing transport situation.

    The city council provides a distribution portal of open data, continuously providing new data for product and service developers use. For example, status information on car parks and real-time data on buses has been published lately. Status information from traffic lights and queue data from sensors in traffic lights at crossroads are the latest additions.

    Open data service provided by the City of Tampere ››

    Several cycle and pedestrian traffic counting points are also positioned in Tampere. These kinds of innovative services and products are acquired with the purpose of supporting the development of intelligent transport by creating interaction between companies, users and the city council. This creates new services and solutions which the companies can use as references. The vitality of the area grows and new business opportunities in the field of intelligent transport start sprouting.

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