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    Blog: The challenge of the Double Diamond – My Export Gateway Journey.

    You see, the beginning of anything is always exciting, then BAM! It’s not so easy anymore as you work to iron the kinks in the concept. The demand to return constantly to the drawing board is never ending.

    The double diamond conundrum as I like to call it, essentially deals with Discover, Define, Develop and Deliver. The 4Ds introduce you to understanding the details of the problem your solving, while constantly reminding yourself to keep your customer as a focal reference point.

    Remember your customer, validate! Validate! Validate! Image courtesy of Export Gateway Training material

    In this experience, I have gone through the challenges associated particularly with harmonizing vision - The absence of clarity can derail progress and hamper confidence in the capacity to provide a sustainable solution. By utilizing design tools we have contributed to a better service ecosystem vision for our project company. A solution I hope they’ll keep.

    As we developed the concept, we were faced by several challenges that may have caused a trade-off in certain aspects of concept creation however, we were keen to incorporate those solutions in future progressions. For Us, Export Gateway was about internationalizing our local brands through incorporating talent and expertise and this was extra testing when it came to market research due to our projects geographical location. We were thrashed into the demands of innovating solutions that would allow for the formulation of solutions, this was similarly the moment to really experience talent potential of multidisciplinary teams and diverse teams that allow true service design to happen! It was really remarkable.

    The potential benefit hiding in this ambitious project has been a constant driving factor for us to do our best. In addition to being students, jobseekers, entrepreneurs and cleaners, we found time to meet the demands leveled by this project, and as I a reflect on those whose knowledge, experience and expertise I have benefited from through this process, I couldn’t have solved the Double Diamond challenge with a better team. Looking at the finished document and in full realization that we have our pitch this afternoon, I am all comforted that we have done our best. That we brought out the elements of the objective given to us.

    We're ready to pitch

    Come back and find out what we heard back after our pitch

    ExportGateway is a series of workshops to develop a new Internationalization event including talent component. Kreapal Oy and Kimmo Rouhiainen Consulting are developing the concept with Business Tampere. To get more information on Talent Tampere ExportGateway, please contact veikko(a)kreapal. fi or kimmo(a)kimmorouhiainen. fi

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