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    Blog: Starting My Export Gateway Journey

    The arrival of the global market economy has revolutionized, well, everything! It's more apparent today that diversity in solution is the way to prepare companies for future survival.

    The demand to grow, develop and expand globally is one that companies and talents alike can’t run away from. In recognition of the growing demand for global posturing of local businesses and an increasing demand for diverse solutions, the city of Tampere has embarked on a journey led by Business Tampere and other critical partners to engage both talents and businesses to develop the export gateway. And I my friend, was not left behind.

    After a round of applications, 30 vibrant minds gathered to answer the call of participating companies. The aim - take part in creating answers, provide insight and learn by using both the principles of service design and lean startup methods. For me, it was most impressive the back-end work to match interest and background of international talent to companies. Kudos!

    The journey is quite exciting starting from a massive brainstorming sessions to scheduling meetings, to developing concepts that will offer sustainable results for our clients. Our meetings have run us late but have been full of fresh ideas and creative approaches that we are excited to pitch.

    We will make time to see this through

    The learning journey is one that celebrates co-creation, it encourages more voices, and just that, but more diverse voices that talk directly to companies and enjoy at -hand expertise to keep us in the right direction. It's a process of learning while doing- my favorite kind. The goal- to deliver on key objectives. As I weave through this journey one thing is in my mind: Don’t be afraid of what could go wrong - but Start get excited about what could go Right.

    Come back and find out how it’s going.

    A work in progress

    -Njoki Githieya, Talent participant, Export Gateway 2018

    ExportGateway is a series of workshops to develop a new Internationalization event including talent component. Kreapal Oy and Kimmo Rouhiainen Consulting are developing the concept with Business Tampere. To get more information on Talent Tampere ExportGateway, please contact veikko(a)kreapal. fi or kimmo(a)kimmorouhiainen. fi

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