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    Blog: Safety & Security knowhow in Tampere – Strong, Diverse and Active

    Ihmisiä istumassa kesäisellä terassilla

    It has been great to notice how ambitious, capable and active people there are in the safety and security sector in Tampere Region. Our local safety and security knowhow is both extensive and profound. Organizations working on safety and security are not necessarily too visible in public, but the work that they do is impressive.

    In Business Tampere we have now worked for three months mapping the safety and security know-how of the region and searching for common interests. This work, which is done as a part of Smart Tampere program, is only the beginning. Safety and security is a cross-sectional theme covering several viewpoints and fields. Thus we feel that a common view and understanding of the field will act as a fertile ground for future cooperation and activities.

    Our final goal is a safe and secure society, where the safety and security players of the region have the best conditions to function. These conditions include for example:

    • An active ecosystem where starting a cooperation is easy
    • Renewing know-how base and new actors, and
    • The City’s open mind about making things in a new way and facilitating experiments.

    Tampere Region has already a strong and evolving base of safety and security know-how. Three concrete and recent examples demonstrate this well:

    1. One of the most critical factors for future success is ensuring the future talents. Great example of this is the recently announced Master's Degree Programme in Security and Safety Management (SAFER) in Tampere University.
    2. A good example how cooperation can make one stronger is the collaboration of Insta and Intopalo which resulted in them joining forces as one company. Now part of Insta Group, Intopalo Digital is a strong expert of industry automation, the safe digitalization of moving machines and devices, and can now bring new opportunities to Tampere Region as a stronger and more international company.
    3. Defence industry is strong in our region and Tampere region is the hotspot for defence industry know-how. The recent announcement of setting up an Innovation Hub for defence & security to Tampere is a great example of recent developments in the area.

    In addition to this strong base and positive trend, we have now - after three workshops - several great ideas how to support this development. We have found strenghts, brainstormed new concepts for event security and guiding, and created an idea of a safety and security Living Map. These ideas will be taken forward together. We are strongly co-operating with the regional safety and security cluster (coordinated by University of Tampere) and Tampere Chamber of Commerce & Industry.

    Lot has been done but yet a lot remains to be done. We see great opportunities and we are very excited to roll up our sleeves and bring the collaboration activities to the next level. We are also open for any suggestions and welcome everyone to our future workshops. Think of all the great things we can do together!

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