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    Best in Tampere right now: top experts

    The Microsoft Mobile layoffs have been in the headlines for the past few weeks. For Tampere Region Economic Development Agency Tredea, they provided a very good reason to take action: companies now have an excellent opportunity to recruit top experts, even entire teams at a time, in the Tampere city region.

    The aim of Tredea's #Tampere4ICT campaign is to help experts to find new employment and draw new investments into the region. Tredea CEO Harri Airaksinen says:

    – The experts entering the open market have already sparked interest, and discussions on opening facilities in the Tampere city region have been held with multiple companies.

    As much as 75% of the previous wave of experts who left Microsoft in the Tampere region have since gained employment. For many, this has been the ideal time to set up a company, which has provided a nice boost to the already active start-up network in the city region. Tampere – All Bright! Magazine visited two of those start-ups:

    Tampere – a city of start-ups

    • The Tampere city region is bursting with all manner of fearless and vibrant activity from welding, lathing and software development to the design and manufacture of products.
    • The cooperation between various companies and institutes of higher education is fluent. In other words, the ecosystem works.
    • The city region is just the right size. It is sufficiently big to provide an ample pool of professionals but tight enough for the core operators to be familiar with each other, ensuring smooth collaboration.
    • The level of education is high, and technological competence, in particular, has been honed within the businesses, many of which operate on a global scale.
    • Tampere is a forerunner in the development of open innovation environments.


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