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    Aiber Networks builds a high security data center to Tampere, Finland

    Aiber networks

    Aiber Networks is a new Finnish-Israeli start-up company that has signed an agreement with the city of Tampere in Finland on building a new world class high security data center to a former military grade underground cave in the Tampere city’s Härmälä district.

    Tampere city has granted on 19th May 2015 Aiber Networks (Datacore Oy) the right to rent the cave and surrounding areas. The city made the decision after competition between two companies.

    The cave has previously been in use by the former Finnish government-owned aviation company Valmet since 1930 and it has been designed based on military standards.

    Aiber networks offer high availability cloud platforms from its data centers to any business sectors. It is 100% owned by its employees and the main investor Mr. Daniel Levin (Israeli citizen).

    The company has received 2 million euros start investment and it is going to raise its investments to several million euros. Maximum investment to the cave in Härmälä is about 50 to 100 Meuros. The company will announce more news on investments later in 2015.

    “I see this investment as an unique opportunity. This level of direct investment from a single source is not a daily news in Finland these days. With the funding we are able to speed-up development and recruitments compared to regular start-up and we are able to raise even further fundings.

    Currently we have recruited 3 people from Finland and we are aiming to recruit more in August 2015. As a former Tampere city inhabitant I see this investment as a positive kick for the IT sector here after extensive telecom sector layoffs”, says Pekka Järveläinen, CEO.

    The company has a strong focus in international market and especially Eastern market and as a first priority Russia and Israel.

    “We focus on international cloud business customers from Finnish, Israeli and Russian timezones. Our main offering is to serve a full stack of IT services to any company that develops web and mobile applications and cloud platforms. We help them by providing servers, storage, data center, specialists, integration management and help desk as a service. From internet business viewpoint there are no borders for business and the aim is directly to make international sales. We will differentiate in the market with focus on high security and high availability It services”, says CEO Pekka Järveläinen.

    The company has started the building work on the site and has done data center planning and technology selections.

    “The aim is to build the Härmälä and city data centers ready for first parts in August and main parts in October 2015. This will be a fully modern and automated high security cloud platform. It will fulfill Tier3 and 4 levels and also the Finnish Vahti yellow, red and Katakri security demands”, says Jaska Kivelä, COO of Aiber networks.

    “First customer agreements are with international software and cloud developers and with IT outsourcing providers. The company will announce its first customers later in 2015. You will see some really interesting new mobile platforms”, says Timor Inapshba, VP sales and marketing.

    Daniel Levin has invested in the company as a private investor. Daniel Levin is an Israeli citizen and has done extensive business in Russia and funded cloud services and together with his family owns a large construction business.

    “I see Finland as a secure location for an investor and as a gateway between East and West. With the Finnish-Israeli know-how of IT and security technology and with our understanding of Russian business we can make this into a unique company”, says Daniel Levin, chairman of the board of Aiber networks and CEO of Aiber group.

    “It is wonderful that the international investors have found the city. We are happy that a perect solution was found to the old Härmälä caves. Data center business is modern industrialism and these digital factories fit well in the industrial traditions of Tampere. I believe that this will not be the last investment since Tampere area is perfect from data center business point of view. The infrastructure works well, we have excellent connections abroad and there is plenty of work ICT force available in the area.“, says Timo Antikainen, Director of Business and Economic Development of the City of Tampere.

    DC2 city center

    The new Härmälä data center will be built into an existing underground cave that offers excellent security with its several tunnels. Major renovation work is ongoing at the moment.

    The new data centers will have the latest cooling technology based on liquid cooling and free cooling. They will be extremelly energy efficient and heat re-usage will be utilized together with the Tampere city electricity company.

    Contacts at Aiber:

    CEO Pekka Järveläinen, , +358-400-839411 (Languages: Finnish, English, Swedish, German)

    VP Sales and marketing, Timur Inapshba, , +358-40-5505878 (Languages: English, Russian, Hebrew, Finnish)

    COO Jaska Kivelä,, +358-40-5762988 (Languages: Finnish, English)

    Contacts at Tampere city:

    Director of Business and Economic Development of the City of Tampere,
    Timo Antikainen,, P. +358-50-3211279 (Languages: Finnish, English)


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