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    Introducing our sponsor: Agendium 

    Digitizing professional services - without IT projects

    When collaborating on professional services and doing information work, right working models and collaboration tools can really help you be more productive and create better customer experience. This is why information work is steadily moving to the cloud.

    But still most professionals rely on email and excel sheets as primary tools. Finding new procedures and choosing the right tools can be quite a challenge, especially if you're not an IT professional yourself. This is why we at Agendium build simple and beautifull business collaboration tools for information workers.

    We digitize professional services in three ways: giving new tools for efficient team work, enabling better customer collaboration and offering a platform for digital product creation. As result we can help to build up more efficient teams, more satisfied customers and generate new business. And all this without any IT-projects.

    Read more about us and our digitizing solutions at

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