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    A high demand for specialists – the first have already started working

    ICT specialists in the Tampere region have sparked the interest of companies and made them seize the opportunity. Companies already operating in the region have found skilful new resources to supplement their ranks, and many companies operating elsewhere are planning to establish a new unit in Tampere – the quickest have already done it. Tampere – All Bright!  Magazine is now introducing two of them:

    Tampere Polku Job Fair
    Companies and specialists met at the Tampere Polku Job Fair event in Tampere Hall in August. Hannu Sauvala described his skills to Jean-Paul Ashby of Evermore Global, who had come to Tampere to learn about what the region had to offer. Tredea’s Oliver Hussey and Oula Välipakka introduced the two to each other and will make sure that the company also gets all the information it needs about the Tampere region in the future.

    Tampere Region Economic Development Agency Tredea acts as a matchmaker between specialists and companies by, among other things, maintaining the Tampere4ICT Talent Pool.

    “We directly contact companies that might benefit from the skills, expertise and people available. On the basis of the contacts, it is easy to see that the mobile expertise available in the region, for example, can be utilised by a number of companies in different fields,” says Oliver Hussey, Senior Manager, Business Development and Invest In at Tredea.

    As an example, Hussey mentions a team of former Microsoft employees. The work conducted with them led to negotiations on foreign investments in the Tampere region. The mutual efforts combined the team’s skills with Tredea’s knowledge of the local business environments and contacts to the field in which the team was interested.

    “We acted in close co-operation and turned these ingredients into a package with which it was easy to approach the companies selected and start discussions on investing in Tampere.”

    In addition to learning about top specialists, companies interested in the Tampere region also want to know what kinds of research and business partners and premises are available there. Even though the availability of specialists is emphasised at the moment, Tredea provides companies with a comprehensive overview of what the region has to offer.

    A good offering is most likely to yield good results when presented directly to the right people. Hussey wishes that the actors in the region would use their networks for the common good.

    “If your friend is working for a company that might benefit from what Tampere has to offer, tell us about it! Or if you are developing something entirely new in a company or research institute, contact us! Let’s help each other expand our networks while making Tampere an increasingly attractive business city.”

    The current situation is a unique opportunity for not only companies but also the entire region: we can turn the redundancy news into a winning situation, and the beginning looks very good. Every company investing in the region creates new jobs and growth, strengthening Tampere’s mindset for getting things done.

    Help us spread Tampere4ICT out into the world!

    • Tampere4ICT is a campaign to spread information about ICT specialists available in the Tampere region to companies around the world. The goal is to attract international companies to the region.
    • A key part of the campaign is the Tampere4ICT Talent Pool, in which people like former Microsoft and Nokia employees list their fields of expertise.
    • With the talent pool, Tredea and Invest in Finland can show companies interested in the Tampere region exactly what kinds of expertise are available and in what amounts.
    • We, meaning the City of Tampere, Tredea and Invest in Finland, would like as many people as possible to spread the message about Tampere4ICT to their international contacts. The more widespread the message, the more chances we have to create entirely new jobs in the Tampere region.
    • Information about the campaign can be found at

    How about the future in Tampere? 

    See what the two companies introduced by Tampere – All Bright! Magazine have to say:

    Kai Jokiniemi, Head of Eficode’s Tampere unit: “New technology making life easier is being introduced everywhere – in the industry, transport, traffic and household appliances – as well as solutions enabling the individual self-monitoring of well-being, for example. All these include software, whether they are based on various embedded or virtualised solutions. Eficode will continue to be there for its clients amidst this change. – The Tampere region will be a hotspot for technology. Strong educational institutions enable long-term growth and activities as well as the creation of various innovations. The importance of health technology and big data is sure to increase.”

    Ismo Savikoski, Vice President, Product & Services at Polar Electro: “We hope to make our Tampere site large enough in order for it to have its own area of responsibility: its own self-management, local decision-making power and agility. It should also have good co-operation with local educational and research institutions as well as good corporate partners in areas in which we don’t want to recruit people ourselves. Polar has come to Tampere to stay. – Tampere will certainly keep developing and continuing at the forefront of technology development. I believe that Polar will also be involved in this development.”

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