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    A construction company, love and Härmälänranta

    You can sense the history of Härmälänranta at the old chimney factory Verstas which, as its name suggests, stands at the foot of a renovated and protected chimney just a stone’s throw away from the shore of Lake Pyhäjärvi. Janne Telenius from Skanska would like to see such things as a waffle café come to the Verstas facilities.

    Next summer, Tampere will be the capital city of love. A large group of event organisers, companies and communities from the Tampere Region will join forces to organise the Love is All Bright theme year. The love programme will help promote the region both in social media and in real life. Construction company Skanska was immediately taken by the idea and will focus its love programme activities around the neighbourhood of Härmälänranta, still under construction.

    “Love immediately seemed like a suitable theme for the area, even though construction companies traditionally work more with reinforcing bars and concrete elements,” says Property Manager Janne Telenius.

    The new Härmälänranta neighbourhood, located on the shore of Lake Pyhäjärvi near the old aircraft factory in Tampere, will be home to some 3,500 people. A touch of local history will continue to linger in the area, although in somewhat improved form. The aircraft factory constructed in 1936 will be renovated and be made open to the public, for example.

    “Once completed, the aircraft factory will be the heart of the area. The visual design of the neighbourhood includes a heart symbol. That will go nicely with the Love is All Bright theme,” says Telenius.

    The Härmälänranta love programme includes spring and summer events. The lake, the beach, the harbour and the facilities offer resources for implementing many ideas. Anyone interested is welcome to help Skanska and the local residents organise events. Since last year’s Venetian Festival attracted people to Härmälänranta from near and far, this spectacular festival marking the end of the summer season will hopefully be continued this year.

    An entire city district will arise in Härmälänranta, complete with full services. The residents seem to share an exceptional enthusiasm to participate, and meetings and workshops, for example, have really brought them together.

    “The new residents’ association will probably become a significant operator in organising events. That’s a good thing,” says Telenius.

    It's all about love

    People participating in the Love is All Bright programme will use the #loveisallbright hashtag to communicate in social media. Tredea will compile the different love programmes in Tampere and in the Tampere Region online in Finnish, English and Russian. The Love is All Bright! website will be published on March 21st.

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