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Published on 24.01.2019

12.02.2019 09:00 - 12.02.2019 15:30

Lapland Hotels Tampere

Yliopistonkatu 44, 33100, Tampere (Map)

Tampereen Yliopisto & SMACC

Does your company have special knowhow? Can you manufacture something extraordinary? Are you flexible in developing technologies to produce something that nobody ever produced before? Can you do diagnostics more accurately than anyone else? If you said yes, CERN might need your products and services. Start developing your technology in collaboration with CERN!

CERN is developing cutting edge technologies e.g. in superconducting magnets. These developments require various extraordinary materials and devices. We are searching Finnish companies and their abilities to offer technological competences to CERN. CERN collaboration opens to companies new business opportunities in superconducting technology and other technological and special businesses.

Tampere University (until 2018 Tampere University of Technology) has been working with CERN in superconducting magnet technology for ten years. Now new opportunities are arising for companies to join the CERN collaboration. The survey is kickstarted with workshop organized in collaboration with Smart machines and manufacturing competence center (SMACC) in February 2019.

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