Startup Mentoring Workshop 3/3 - Business Tampere
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Published on 14.10.2019

03.12.2019 08:30 - 03.12.2019 12:00

Tribe Tampere

Pinninkatu 47, 33100, Tampere (Map)

Business Tampere

Aim is to encourage Tampere region startup community in different ways for more fruitful dialogue and to help others via peer support and mentoring. Base for success is a strong alumni community.

Startup mentoring is expected to be seen as pro bono -activity that is done when having this ‘giving back to the community’ mindset. This core value has to stay visible in the development. Of course, it is possible that at some stage also money or other means of compensation become valid.

During autumn we are organizing series of three workshops which are structured as following:

1st Workshop 31.10.
What is peer support and mentoring for startup businesses?
– Map out on different needs in different stage of business based on service path explained on Startup Tampere website
– Which of these are already available by some other provider?

2nd Workshop 13.11.
Different mentoring actors and ways of working
– Expectations of mentoring for mentor and mentee?
– In which ways expectations of both sides can be fulfilled?

3rd Workshop 3.12.
Startup alumni community as thriving force of mentoring
– What are the key ingredients to make active startup alumni community possible?
– How the community should be organized, official or unofficial activities?
– How the community could take over to facilitate and organize mentoring services in a way that expectations of mentors and mentees are fulfilled

Breakfast is served for participants.
Register here:

There is a maximum capacity of 16 people for each workshop. We hope that one person could participate at least on two workshops.

Signup ends on: 31.10.2019 00:00

Language: English

Price: Free

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