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Published on 19.05.2020

12.06.2020 09:30 - 12.06.2020 11:00

Zoom (link to be sent to the registered participants)

Tampere University, KITE project on Human-Centered AI for the Smart City

Human-Centered AI
An online workshop for companies developing AI applications

Background: AI Hub Tampere runs KITE project for human-centered AI development for the smart city (Kaupunkiseudun ihmiskeskeiset tekoälyratkaisut @Tampere University, In this workshop we will briefly tell participants about KITE’s work on AI ethics and design, and discuss companies’ challenges in developing human-centered AI applications.

Expected participants: AI application designers, developers and managers in companies in Pirkanmaa region.

The workshop will be held either in Finnish or in English, depending on the participants.

The programme of the workshop (1.5 h):
1. Introductions of participants (5 min)
2. What is Human-Centered AI? (Kaisa Väänänen, 5 min)
Brief Q&A (5 min)
3. Ethical guidelines for AI development (Arto Laitinen and Otto Sahlgren, 15 min)
Discussion: what are the companies’ questions with AI ethics (15 min)
4. Designing for Human-Centered AI (Thomas Olsson, 15 min)
Discussion: what are the companies’ issues with AI design (15 min)
5. Summary of discussion, follow-up actions (Pertti Huuskonen and Kaisa Väänänen 15 min)

Register here by June 9th:

Signup ends on: 09.06.2020 00:00

Language: English

Price: Free

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