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    6 reasons why Tampere, Finland, is the smartest Smart City

    Tampere Smart City

    1. Come on, we invented The Smart Phone!

    Sure, we might not be the market leader on those anymore but that just means our engineers are now off inventing thousands of other smart things. Not even Nokia itself laid resting but came up with OZO. Not too shabby, I'd say.

    2. We are investing 6-10 Billion€ in city development in the next 10 to 15 years

    That's smart on it's own but sure we'll make sure the money is spent wisely on better digital services for the citizen. We are going to have smarter buildings, smarter traffic and even smarter lighting. Future, here we come!

    3. We have a long history in business cooperation

    While other's are still thinking of opening their data and ideas with other companies in Tampere it's a no brainer. We realized ages ago we are too small to waste our time in competing with each other when we could put our forces together and conquer the World.

    4. Speaking of small, we are big enough to make a difference

    Finns are known to be fast to adapt to new technologies which makes us the perfect testing ground for cool new stuff. Tampere is small enough to be agile with new experiments but there's enough of us to really get resaults. 

    5. Intelligent machines we've done for ages

    And those are all fine and dandy, but how cool is the fact that Tampere is the leading manufacturer of human spare parts! Biodegradable screws that make opening you up again after healing unnecessary and even new jaw bones for those really not having the best of days.

    6. The Europe's best workplace is in Tampere 

    What's smarter than taking care of your most valuable asset, your employees. Thanks, Vincit, for leading the way!

    Vincit the best workplace in Europe
    Vincit in Tampere is the best workplace in Europe. (Pic. Opa Latvala)

    More information about Smart Tampere at

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