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    5 reasons why Tampere, Finland, rules in university-company collaboration

    1. Demola

    Let's just start with our very own crown jewel, Demola, where multidisciplinary student groups solve problems pitched by companies. It's so simple and beautiful there's no need to explaine it further. See one of the most perfect example of Demola's work, the google glasses in parking enforcement.

    New Factory Demola Tampere
    Demola team taking on the challenge. (Pic: Jukka Salminen)

    2. Companies can affect the courses

    Tampere University of Technology does not only produce trainees and thesis writers for businesses. At TUT, the companies can actually have their say on the curriculum and the contents of courses. This is a perfect win-win way to ensure our companies have the best possible workforce in the future and our students receive the most relevant and practical education.

    3. The smalls and mediums are not forgotten

    At the University of Tampere and the Tampere University of Technology SME's can have their product development, market entry related or new technology issues solved at Industry Puzzles Friday. No matter how great the product is, there might come a time when a good old pair of outsider eyes on a perfectly ordinary Friday can make a world of difference.

    4. Campus Club

    Our brand-new bright and joy, Kampusareena, smacked at the heart of Tampere University of Technology campus, is home to the Campus Club (Kampusklubi®) made up of pioneering R&D companies. It provides cost- and risk-efficiency on a platform that enables building long-term partnerships, launching a small-term project or joining a consortium to carry out a more extensive project.

    Kampusareena Tampere University of Technology)
    Kampusareena (Pic: Tampere University of Technology)

    5. Roads of the future

    Now this topic may only occupy a tiny niche for now, but it concerns a field of science that will affect us all. All, I tell you! Finland is one of the very few countries in the world that allows robotic cars drive themselves on public roads without a backup driver. There's one going around the Tampere University of Technology campus as we speak.

    Robobus Robot Bus Tampere Sohjoa
    German automotive journalist Fritz Lorek was delighted to see the robot bus in Tampere University of Technology campus. (Pic: Pirkko Laitinen)

    More information about the innovation ecosystem in Tampere:

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