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    Smart city development

    How would your company want to spar the city development in Tampere? Answer before January 30th

    The City of Tampere is developing its practices and wants to find out if companies would be interested in sparring city development needs in their early phase.

    AI Hub Tampere helps companies to take the first steps in AI

    The AI Hub Tampere is now launched officially. The new hub focuses on intelligent machines and aims to make artificial intelligence easy to reach for the local companies.

    Agile experiments help create useful urban services

    The Smart Tampere program is boosting smart city development with agile experiments, where companies can test their services or products using the city as a test bed and a living lab. Around twenty experiment projects arose in 2018.

    Innovation environment and platforms

    The City of Tampere is a smart city development platform where new solutions are sought for housing, transport and services.

    Tampere aims for top Smart Mobility testing platform in Europe – see us at Barcelona Smart City Expo

    Smart mobility solutions are one of the most tangible ways to make citizens lives easier. In Tampere, Finland, these solutions are being developed in a vast scale and alongside major city development projects. For example, Tampere is utilizing real time traffic data, open data, positioning and robotics. 5G mobile network is being built.

    Five star intelligent transport applications from Tampere

    Tampere is considered a city of developers, and people from other parts of Finland also come here. In addition to the experts, the positive attitude of the city has also had a significant impact on the position of Tampere.
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