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    Smart city development

    The future with drones: interesting opportunities, open questions

    Cities expect that drones may help them fulfil their sustainability objectives. Therefore it is important to examine when and how...

    Smart urban security and event resilience project kicks off on 28 January

    Last August, Tampere secured more than € 3M in EU funding for the development of smart urban security and event...

    Discovering novel applications of drone technology

    The Nordic Drone Event 2020 arranged as a part of the Tampere Smart City Week focuses on the use of drones in forestry, agriculture, mining industry and construction industry. Sign up now!

    Schedule meetings for Smart City Mindtrek 2020 via eventos mobile app

    Eventos mobile application is designed to help you maximize the potential Smart City Mindtrek 2020 holds for you. In the...

    Smart City Mindtrek 2020 Business Expo connects businesses and professionals

    As part of Smart City Mindtrek 2020 Conference, Business Expo will be held in the Vooninki Hall exhibition area, Tampere,...

    Tampere.Finland application guides, inspires and helps compare carbon footprints

    Tampere.Finland application provides a growing selection of useful services. One of the latest additions is a carbon footprint calculator, and the next one will be a tool for citizen participation and feedback.

    Tampere Smart City Week

    Several event locations in Tampere

    Climate budget, digital competence, agile experiments and much more

    During the year 2019 in Tampere, Finland, various smart and sustainable city development measures were taken and new solutions were...

    In 2020, Tampere will define regional focus areas for AI, bring actors together and increase knowledge

    In the autumn of 2019, Business Tampere and eCraft Oy carried out a survey of artificial intelligence actors and their...

    User orientation and co-creation are now emphasized in smart city development

    The Smart City Expo World Congress 2019 gathered over 24,000 visitors to Barcelona on November 19-21. This year, in the...
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