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    Tampere Pitching Competition winners – Arttu Kalli, Eeedo oy

    ”It’s better to stand firmly on two feet than to barely stand on one leg.” That’s Arttu Kalli’s reasoning behind an unorthodox decision to pitch two products at once – and it paid off.

    Direct, targeted talent attraction for imaging business and academia

    The Tampere Imaging Ecosystem organised a targeted talent attraction campaign: meetings in Turkey with people genuinely interested in Tampere business ecosystem or academic community.

    Tampere Pitching Competition winners – Juha Seppänen, The Rudolf Oy

    The stereotypical idea of a startup entrepreneur might be young and eager technology nerd or business shark, but the reality is more diverse than that.

    Manse Games ’18 set to put Tampere on the map of mobile gaming

    Tampere is witnessing a rise in launch of mobile games and services where companies combine expertise with a thriving work culture.

    Tampere Pitching Competition winners – Sini Havukainen, Applicado Oy

    “Finland has two things that are arguably the best in the world: educational system and maternal health care”, thought Sini Havukainen, CEO of Applicado Oy in 2014. “The former is being exported all around the world with great expense, but what about the latter? Should we be the first?”

    Stream Festival 2018 – the story begins here

    Modern day Tampere has invested a lot of resources in an ecosystem that creates and nurtures more startup buzz, and the latest, most visible outcome of this investment was the first Stream Festival in October 9th 2018 at Hiedanranta.

    Esports & football combined – Finnish event format Football Triathlon heading to international markets

    HILLA Entertainment is one of the five Finnish companies that were chosen to Nordic Brand Licensing Marketing's booth in Brand Licensing Europe. HILLA Entertainment gets also an opportunity to pitch in Embassy of Finland, London. The company will promote it's Football Triathlon event format and has already successfully booked meetings with well-known football clubs.

    Funding for your company?

    Are you in the search of private and public funding for growth and internationalisation? Do you need tips on how to approach angel investors and venture capitalists? You're not alone, Business Tampere’s helpdesk of financial services offers help.

    Forciot – passionate about technology and sports

    Technology company Forciot is aiming for the international market. Making use of stretchable and printable electronics in a measurement system is an innovation that will give the chance to take the world by storm.
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