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Updated on 24.07.2020

Vesilahti is a rural municipality with some 4,500 inhabitants and 300 companies in the Tampere Region, only a half-hour drive from Tampere. Good connections to the Tampere-Helsinki motorway and a regional connection from Lempäälä through Vesilahti to Sastamala make Vesilahti easy to reach.

Our SMEs operate in the following fields, to name but a few: Cleantech, renewable domestic energy, food industry, construction, metal subcontracting, transportation of people and goods, tourism and hospitality services and different designing services.

The municipality of Vesilahti is about to launch the preliminary investigation phase for constructing a residential building for senior citizens. The municipality is also participating in a South Tampere Region project aimed at securing fixed broadband connections for residential and business areas.

More information about the business sites in Vesilahti:

Jarkko Pakaslahti
Business Development Manager
tel. +358 44 423 5775

New, existing and expanding business areas:

More information

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Raimo Vähämaa

Senior business advisor, relocation services

+358 50 505 2228
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