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Tampere Region startups arouse global interest

Tampere Slush Party gathered over 350 participants to hear about the massive development of the Tampere startup scene. Tampere’s strong...

“We have made enormous progress”

Medified is health technology startup founded by three medical students. The company’s rapid growth and progress are huge motivators for the entrepreneurs. The startup community of Medified’s home city, Tampere, has supported the young entrepreneurs’ journey from the start.

Tampere’s Startup Community: the power of input and output

Community is an important driver when it comes to growth. Not just personal growth, but also the growth of a business or an organization. The benefits that come with being part of a business community are various: Meeting talents, exchange of knowledge and information, building or growing your network, access to resources. 

”The Tampere start-up community has been a goldmine for us”

In today’s knowledge work market, digitalisation offers the greatest potential but also the greatest challenges. Valaa Technologies from Tampere aims to decrease the complexity of data systems, and the local start-up ecosystem has provided valuable support to the company.

Startup Weekend generated seven sustainable business ideas

In September, around 40 participants gathered to startup community Tribe’s facilities for Startup Weekend Tampere Sustainability 2019. The aim of...

A unique alliance to boost the Tampere Region startup ecosystem

An alliance of public sector operators is in the making, with the main objective to support the startup ecosystem in the Tampere Region. Business Tampere estimates that the alliance is good news for both startups and the business environment in general.

Rapid Tampere joint development challenges announced

Rapid Tampere innovation calls are open! The challenges, set by the the international industrial companies Sandvik, Kalmar, Caruna and Valmet, deal with controlling physical strain at work, sensor technology, safe working environments and enriching data.

Rapid Tampere speeds up joint industrial innovations

Sandvik, Kalmar, Caruna and Valmet, all high-class international industrial companies, have joined Rapid Tampere, the first collaboration accelerator in Tampere Region. A global search for top high-tech collaborators to spar these companies towards progress has started, and it continues until October 31,2019.

Caring and communication: Memocate’s Heikki Viitanen in a video interview

The main products of the Tampere-based Memocate, whose origins lie in a linguistic research project undertaken at the University of Helsinki, are training sessions intended for nurses of those diagnosed with a memory disease, with a particular focus on interactive skills. Now, the company is gearing up to pilot its service in English on the other side of the Atlantic.

Interested in finding an angel investment?

An expert’s advice on applying for angel investment: do your homework, make sure you can answer the crucial questions, be very honest.
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