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“Tampere has an active, vibrant and dynamic start-up community”

Balance point method Oy is a wellness company offering new types of body care exercises. The concept behind the Tampere start-up community has already been quoted domestically, so the next step is to expand into larger markets.

City of Tampere and Tieto develop AI-IoT test solution for pedestrian traffic safety

The City of Tampere, Finland and Tieto, a Nordic IT services and software company, have developed a solution to improve...

Developing city info screens with companies

Last spring, Tampere city center guidance was renewed with the introduction of touch screen information kiosks on the street scene. The content and functionality of the information displays were developed in cooperation with the City of Tampere and various companies.

The recognition of the queue status in a big event

A new feature is being developed for the Tampere Events app to monitor congestion in the entry ports in big events. This feature would allow application users to be redirected to less congested gates, thus improving the visitor experience.

Boosting low carbon mobility

A new project to promote smart and sustainable mobility has begun in Tampere: 6Cities Low Carbon Mobility in Traffic Hubs. The project seeks new solutions for example to public transport-based travel chains and smart parking, in accordance with the national transport sector growth program of Finland. The work is carried out in close cooperation with companies.

Revolutionary e-bike drive systems from Finland to the rest of the world

Tampere-based Revonte is one of our Nordic Startup School talents. They are looking for an international breakthrough, but they also want to encourage others towards more eco-friendly technology development.

Tampere aims for top Smart Mobility testing platform in Europe – see us at Barcelona Smart City Expo

Smart mobility solutions are one of the most tangible ways to make citizens lives easier. In Tampere, Finland, these solutions are being developed in a vast scale and alongside major city development projects. For example, Tampere is utilizing real time traffic data, open data, positioning and robotics. 5G mobile network is being built.

Robot buses to operate in Tampere

The goal of the project is to test an automated public transport solution in an authentic traffic environment and to analyse how a solution of this kind could enhance and develop our current transport system.

Five star intelligent transport applications from Tampere

Tampere is considered a city of developers, and people from other parts of Finland also come here. In addition to the experts, the positive attitude of the city has also had a significant impact on the position of Tampere.
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