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Safety and security

Tampere Region Safety and Security Cluster

Tampere Region Safety and Security Cluster promotes safety and security locally, nationally and internationally. The Cluster advances co-operation between colleges, universities, research...

Testbeds – Mobility, 5G and IoT, AI, and Security

There are several testing environments and platforms in the Tampere metropolitan area that companies and organizations can utilize. Platforms can...

Information about Coronavirus (COVID-19) for companies

Business Tampere and Visit Tampere are closely monitoring the impacts of the coronavirus on business life and tourism. From this page you will find information, webinars and useful links. This page is being updated.

Public gatherings in Finland are limited

As an update on March 16th, due to coronavirus all public events of more than 10 people will be cancelled until the end of May.

Business impacts of the coronavirus in the Tampere city region

Business Tampere and Visit Tampere are closely monitoring the impacts of the coronavirus on business life and tourism.

Viria – interesting developments in cyber security, health and social care

Viria, a company specialised in total security and digitalisation, has grown rapidly in recent years. For Viria Group, the Tampere Region is an interesting location.

Safety and security are a joint effort in Koskikeskus shopping centre

Safety and security of a shopping centre consists of many elements, and requires predictability and collaboration. Shopping centre owner Citycon’s core idea is to provide a safe environment for people visiting and working in its shopping centres. 

Insta Automation: Digital twin for better water supply management

Together with the Tampere Region water services, Insta Automation has developed virtual modeling to help manage water supply systems. Modeling and digital twins are increasingly important for the usability and safety in these systems.

Smart urban security and event resilience project kicks off on 28 January

Last August, Tampere secured more than € 3M in EU funding for the development of smart urban security and event...

Saab is developing advanced defence technology in Tampere

Saab Technology Centre was established in Tampere because of good availability of talented engineers in the region. The centre has been growing as expected.
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