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    City region

    Tampere – the city of growth and development

    Tampereen kaupunki sijoittaa kaupungin kehittämiseen yli 6 miljardia euroa vuoteen 2030 mennessä. Käynnissä on useita suuria älykkään ja kestävän asumisen, liikkumisen ja logistiikan hankkeita, kuten raitiotien rakentaminen ja pääradan kehittäminen sekä Tampereen ydinkeskustaan rakentuva ainutlaatuinen Kansi-areena ympäristöineen.

    Tampere attracts international startups

    Business Tampere found out that every startup entrepreneur starting a business in a new country needs customized services, which are...


    Vesilahti is a rural municipality with some 4,500 inhabitants and 300 companies in the Tampere Region, only a half-hour drive from Tampere. Good connections to the Tampere-Helsinki motorway and a regional connection from Lempäälä through Vesilahti to Sastamala make Vesilahti easy to reach.

    Face masks: Tampere Region is reacting quickly to COVID-19 needs

    When global COVID-19 crisis needs all hands on deck, companies in the Tampere Region in Finland do not hesitate to act. The demand for face masks is a prime example: the businesses are providing various solutions to growing demand. In uncertain times, the local expertise and trusted business networks have shown their true value.

    Public gatherings in Finland are limited

    As an update on March 16th, due to coronavirus all public events of more than 10 people will be cancelled until the end of May.

    City of Tampere looks for climate partners

    The City of Tampere aims to be carbon neutral by 2030. Much of the emissions come from private companies, communities and residents. That is why the City of Tampere launces the climate partnership model for companies and communities in the Tampere Region.

    Safety and security are a joint effort in Koskikeskus shopping centre

    Safety and security of a shopping centre consists of many elements, and requires predictability and collaboration. Shopping centre owner Citycon’s core idea is to provide a safe environment for people visiting and working in its shopping centres. 

    Insta Automation: Digital twin for better water supply management

    Together with the Tampere Region water services, Insta Automation has developed virtual modeling to help manage water supply systems. Modeling and digital twins are increasingly important for the usability and safety in these systems.

    Tampere Region Business Explorer portal offers powerful data tools to attract investments

    Which industry sectors are strong in the Tampere region? How many ICT companies are there? The newly launched Tampere Business Explorer data toolset helps companies interested in Tampere as a business location to find information easily. Tampere Region launches such tool as the first one in Finland.

    Discovering novel applications of drone technology

    The Nordic Drone Event 2020 arranged as a part of the Tampere Smart City Week focuses on the use of drones in forestry, agriculture, mining industry and construction industry. Sign up now!
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