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    Circular economy

    Testbeds – Construction and circular economy

    There are several testing environments and platforms in the Tampere metropolitan area that companies and organizations can utilize. Platforms can...

    Tampere Circular Economy and Cleantech Ecosystem

    The ecosystem brings together circular economy and cleantech actors, The activities are targeted at SMEs and large companies operating in the circular economy and cleantech sectors and at research institutions developing green technologies or products that use them.

    City of Tampere looks for climate partners

    The City of Tampere aims to be carbon neutral by 2030. Much of the emissions come from private companies, communities and residents. That is why the City of Tampere launces the climate partnership model for companies and communities in the Tampere Region.

    Cleantech and circular economy clusters in the Tampere Region

    Cleantech and circular economy clusters in the Tampere region include Kolmenkulma Eco-Industrial Park ja ECO3, Taraste, Hiedanranta and LEMENE.

    The Tampere region is built for cleantech success

    Finland has been touted as a buzzing centre of cleantech activity for some years. The country with the happiest people in the world, with the best air quality, is naturally the country that will save the planet as well. With companies like Ecolan and Carbofex, two rising cleantech stars in Tampere Region, it might actually be possible.
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