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TampereAmbassador VanTruong
Country of Origin


Country of Residence


*Truong Thuy Van is part of Tampere Student Ambassador programme, where students from UTA, TTY and TAMK are promoting Tampere internationally as a great place to study and live.*

Where are you from?

Moi! My name is Truong Thuy Van, you can call me Van. I’m from Vietnam, where last name comes first and first name comes last, as you can see.

What would you like to tell about yourself?

I’m an Erasmus Mundus student, from the Master’s degree in Research and Innovation in Higher Education.

What makes Tampere special for you?

As a mobile student, I went to different countries and chose to stay in Tampere. It has everything you need for both exciting life and peaceful mind. It’s very easy to go everywhere in Tampere by bus. Supermarkets, bars, clubs, restaurants are everywhere, and they open more hours than many other European cities.

Tamy (Student Union) often organizes lots of activities such as parties, exhibitions, excursions, trips, games. They also lend you various useful stuff for your kitchen, sport equipment’s or picnics. All are there for anyone who wants to throw a party or make a group fun.

For nature lovers, it is a paradise. Two huge lakes are just around 15 minutes by bus from the city centre. The forests are well-protected with wild berries and animals (squirrels, rabbits) that you can actually see from your TOAS rooms (TOAS is student housing organization offering affordable accommodation). In summer and autumn, there are amazing excursions organized by the local communities engaging international students and migrants with very friendly and welcoming atmosphere. In winter, it’s amazing to see the city in white. Making snowballs, skiing, skating, walking on frozen lakes and ice fishing, or ice swimming after sauna are just inexpressibly amazing. Then in spring you can really see the magic that defrosts Tampere into a green lively city. In Tampere, I made my second home that am proud of.

Tampere is also supportive to students in terms of studying and job seeking. University libraries and public library are open to everyone with huge collections of almost everything that you want to read. You can borrow books, dvds or board games free of charge and for very long time. There are many classes of interesting topics that you can enroll besides your main subjects, for example Cultural Conversations, Debate for Academic Purposes, or different language courses at different levels.

Concerning jobs, Talent Tampere program pairs you with experts to help you learn the field you want to work in, and become familiar with the recruitment process. Participating in Demola projects is also a great thing to prepare yourself for jobs through working in projects sponsored by employers and turn your initiatives into real innovation. These are just a few examples. There are many other things that help you grow, and enjoy student life in Tampere. Come and explore them for yourself!

Tell about your professional activities?

Currently, I’m working in an educational export project, so I got the chance to share my experience of studying and living in Tampere with many others. Tampere might not yet be a popular name to international students, but its offerings are countless!

What is your mission as a Tampere Ambassador?

As a Tampere ambassador, I hope to make Tampere known internationally, so that international students get one more invaluable option for a semester exchange or a degree program.


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