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TampereAmbassador SeleneGama
Country of Origin


Country of Residence


Where are you from?
Originally from Recife, Brazil. I come from a traditional family with a lot of uncles and cousins. My father was a self-taught secretary of a government electric company. His hobbies were: composing songs, writing poetry and repairing watches, the puzzle of it were fascinating to him! My mother is my biggest inspiration: she is very modern for her time. She loves challenges, is very much involved with social causes and she is very good with handcrafts. I grew up surrounded by music, volunteers sleeping over in our home and lots of craft material. We used to sing together at home as well.

What would you like to tell about yourself?
I am a 100% Believer! I see myself as someone who doesn’t see limitation as something that can stop me, it is just a flag that shows to me that I need to find another way to do what I want to do. My main interest in life is people and social causes. My goal is to learn at least one thing from each person that crosses my road and also give something good so that people can benefit from me. When I was young I learned how to listen myself and this gave me a strong personality and values, but it also gave me the total freedom to live with the differences and the joy of being part of the diversity, without the need to agree and just accepting as peoples’ choices.

Why is Tampere the best place to live?
I was living in Helsinki around 6 years and I had a great time there, learned a lot, still connected with the city but I found my “sweet home” in Tampere. Eventhough my house at the moment is in Akaa, I spend most of my time on this beautiful and challenging city.

Tell about your professional activities?
Apart from other professional activities in Brazil, I worked for many years doing Telemarketing – B2B. The most challenging, but also rewarding one, was working for a credit card company and got promoted as supervisor. But I am a person who loves changes, also in the professional side, so after coming to Finland, I became a Tourism Agent certified by the Government of Brazil, as well as a Reflexology therapist, which I love. I am a freelancer now and currently doing an internship as a coordinator for Afaes ry Tampere, an NGO based in Helsinki. This is by far a dream job because I have the opportunity to help others and do what I love: dream, plan and execute activities and events.

I am also a singer and with Pururuca Band, we are promoting Brazilian music.

What is your involvement in international activities?
I have been involved with associations and international organizations all my life. I am an Ambassador of Brazilian International Business Group, our headquarters is in Switzerland. We are a community of Brazilian entrepreneurs and professional, living abroad and our aim is to create visibility and transparency to stakeholders and facilitate “how” and “where” to find us. We organize events, workshops, we also support Brazilian companies with our connections and expertise.

What is your mission as a Tampere Ambassador?
I believe in creating solution and opportunities. I came from a country where we don’t have a social system as in Finland, one have to be creative and most of the time, literally build from scratch or even from nothing and get it done in a big way. That could be my main contribution to Tampere Ambassador network.

What potential do you see for Tampere in the future?
Just the desire to try and make changes is already a great reason to believe that Tampere has the potential to become a model for these changes. I see Tampere as a canvas with a lot of magic blank spaces that gives us opportunity to fill it. We should draw the future we want to achieve for the future generations.

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