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Talent Tampere Tampere Ambassador Mariam SutidzeHaveri

Marketing and communications

Country of Origin


Country of Residence


Where are you from?

I am from Georgia.

What would you like to tell about yourself?

I love people and communicating with them. Just because this is exactly LIFE!

Tell about your professional activities?

  • I have 5-year experience in international marketing and communications, have worked with more than 50 countries on various educational projects and programmes.
  • 10 year in all types of journalism (Radio, TV and Newspapers) Now I am writing as Freelance for FinnishNews
  • Have also experienced being music teacher and English language teacher.
  • Have worked with leading opera singers in Georgia as an accompanist for 5 years.

EDUCATION : musical actress; English language teacher; Music accompanist and teacher; Journalist

What is your involvement in international activities?

For six years I have worked with more than 50 countries in Europe, Asia and US. I initiated, implemented, run and organised number of educational projects and programmes with them; arranged student exchange and double degree programmes to and from Georgia; Attended leading educational fairs, conferences, meetings organised in different countries and had face to face meetings / presentations with our foreign partners (existing or possible).

So all this experience brought me into understanding how global we are as a society and how meaningful we are to each other, how much the same we all people are all around the world and how we need to be brought closer together.

What is your mission as a Tampere Ambassador?

My mission is exactly fulfilling the need mentioned above to bring people together from different countries, from diverse cultural backgrounds to live through each other’s experiences, to share ideas and emotions in order to take better pleasure out of “bigger and broader meaning “ of life with rather plenty of opportunities.

What potential do you see for Tampere in the future?

We all know all over the world about Finnish Education as the leading one, we all have Finland as an example for social equity, safety, welfare and competitive business environment, but what we need to be remembered from is how rich and exciting creative and innovative potential we have here. And Tampere is exactly the heart of art capital for the whole country.

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