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Talent Tampere Tampere Ambassador Grischa Fraumann
Country of Origin


Country of Residence


Where are you from?
I am from Karlsruhe, a city of about 307.000 inhabitants (in December 2015) and also founded in the 18th century like Tampere. The city lies close to the Franco-German border, Frankfurt am Main and Stuttgart in the federal state of Baden-Württemberg in South-West Germany, being the 2nd most populous city of this state.

What would you like to tell about yourself?
I have heard about Tampere for the first time in 2009, when I was a mentor for a Finnish exchange student from Tampere at the University of Mannheim, Germany. At the same time, I was also a Campus Ambassador for ABSOLVENTUM, the largest and oldest Alumni Association in Germany. I became interested in Tampere through this mentoring, but I would have never thought that I would live here one day myself. Thus, it happened more by accident through my international joint master’s programme, the Master in Research and Innovation in Higher Education (MARIHE) which is carried out by a ERASMUS+ university consortium, consisting of the University of Tampere, Danube University Krems, Austria, Beijing Normal University, China and Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences, Germany. As part of my chosen mobility track I am able to study for two semesters in Tampere. Finally, I am very glad that I came to experience Tampere and I like it a lot.

Why is Tampere the best place to live?
Many of my friends assume that it is mostly cold, dark and snowy in Tampere, so I was happy that I could experience the summer last year in Tampere and enjoy the wonderful nature with many hours of sun. I think that this is one of the stereotypes about Tampere, so I am glad that I am able to show my friends at home pictures of the nice summer in Tampere. I also enjoy the winter here and the city offers many opportunities through its higher education institutions and technology-oriented companies. Every time I discover something new, for example an Alsatian restaurant that reminds me of similar restaurants in France close to my hometown. So there are really lots of possibilities if one tries to discover the city in depth.

What are your professional activities?
Until my graduation in July 2016, I am a full-time master’s student at the University of Tampere and only involved in several traineeships and voluntary work besides my studies.

What is your involvement in international activities?
Apart from my experiences in Germany, I have studied and interned for short periods in Spain, Austria, Finland, the Netherlands and China. My study programme is also connected to most of these countries.

What is your mission as a Tampere All Bright! Ambassador?
I would like to promote Tampere as a great place to live and work to my network in Germany. I also became aware of the fact that there are already many relations with German industry and higher education institutions and I would like to contribute to this network, as already many Germans live in the Tampere Region. At the same time, I would like to spread the word about Tampere among my Spanish and Brazilian networks.

What potential do you see for Tampere in the future?
I think that Tampere can develop itself to an even more attractive city for internationals and become a hub for start-ups and an attractive place to work, study and research for internationals. Its industrial roots combined with the development over the last years can attract more and more internationals. I hope that these start-ups can grow and provide many work places for people of Tampere Region and beyond. I am looking forward to experiencing Tampere’s development and providing a minor contribution to it.

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