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Talent Tampere Tampere Ambassador Emmi Suhonen

Office Manager

Country of Origin


Country of Residence


My name is Emmi Suhonen and I live in Vantaa, Southern Finland.

I work as an Office Manager in a software company in Helsinki. I´m outgoing and open minded person.

My grandmother is originally from the Tampere area. So I have spent my childhood summers at her summer house in Teisko. The City of Tampere is very close to my heart. I have also acquaintances from Junior Chamber International organization in Tampere area, so I have spent a lot of spare time there, too, creating networks and enjoying the fresh and happy spirit and people of Tampere.

As I mentioned, I am a member of Junior Chamber International organization. I have a global network thanks to this. JCI is a global non-profit networking and education organization. As a JCI member I take initative to solve local challenges. It´s not just focus on charity or service but focusing on sustainable impact locally and globally.

As a Tampere – All Bright! Ambassador I could spread out knowledge of business and educational capabilities of Tampere. I think that City of Tampere has a huge potential and already a great variety of schools and workplaces. The City of Tampere is a great place to do business because of its location and people working and living there. I see that the city is growing more and more in the near future and will become even more business oriented than any city in Finland. The City of Tampere is also a unique place to live. Nature is near and at the same time you will have all the services you need close to you.

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