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    Troll Visual Effects from Tampere, Finland to make VFX for a major action thriller Havoc

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    Troll Visual Effects, based in Tampere, Finland and known for producing high quality content for feature films, TV series and commercials, has signed an important deal. Troll is to make VFX for an action thriller Havoc, starring Tom Hardy and set to be released on Netflix in 2022

    Troll has already made some VFX productions for Netflix, but this is a major step up to the next level. It’s also super cool and proves that, as a company, we have done the right things in a persistent and determined way, says Antti Kulmala, CEO of Troll Visual Effects.

    In Finland, the VFX deal is the biggest one ever made for an international film production. It exceeds, for example, the total budget of a typical Finnish film production. Amounts are not disclosed.

    – The deal will make Troll Visual Effects a noteworthy VFX provider in a global scale, and boost Finland’s credibility as a country of audiovisual productions, says Ilkka Rahkonen, Director of Film Tampere.

    Dual opened international doors for Tampere

    Last year, an American film production and sales company XYZ Films produced the film Dual and chose Tampere as a shooting location. Since then the City of Tampere, together with the local film commission Film Tampere, have deepened their cooperation with the company. XYZ Films is searching its global networks for upcoming productions that would fit the Tampere Region.

    The Finnish expertise and attitude has convinced us, and it is our pleasure to build connections between filmmakers in different countries, says Aram Tertzakian, XYZ Co-founder and Producer of Havoc.

    More audiovisual expertise


    The Tampere Region will need more audiovisual talent as the industry is growing rapidly. Film Tampere is conducting an active dialogue on the ways to respond to those needs, cooperating with the City of Tampere, the Tampere Universities and Tampere Vocational College Tredu.

    – As a result, Tampere University of Applied Sciences is getting ready to launch a new programme for VFX studies, to train more experts, says Rahkonen.

    Tampere is dedicated to the development of audiovisual industry and is willingly opening doors for growth, business and new jobs. Exciting new opportunities keep the city lively, and the rise of Tampere to the world film scene is a prime example of that. Congratulations for Troll Visual Effects for the fine achievement, says Anna-Kaisa Ikonen, Mayor of Tampere.


    – Writer and Director: Gareth Evans (Gangs of London, Apostle, The Raid)
    – Producers: Gareth Evans / One More One Productions, Ed Talfan / Severn Screen, Aram Tertzakian / XYZ Films; Tom Hardy
    – Cast: Tom Hardy (Venom, Dunkirk, The Revenant)

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