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Startup Tampere goes to Arctic15 June 5th-6th and takes 12 growing startups with them from Tampere region. The event is the must place to be what comes to startup events in Finland and the networking opportunities it offers. Submit your pitch deck to have a chance of being selected to get the ticket.

What is Arctic15 and how to get the tickets?

Arctic15 is the most effective matchmaking startup event in Northern Europe. The focus is on making deals and quality networking. The 2-day event brings together a focused international crowd of startups, investors, corporates, media and influencers.

15 Tracks are focused on various industries, technologies and topics ranging from Digital Health and AI to Social Impact and Scaling. Industry players can use the time efficiently and gather under one roof. The core of it all is one-on-one meetings in Deal Room.

Startup Tampere is taking 12 promising startups from Tampere region to the Arctic15 event in June 5th-6th. Selected startups will get a 2-day event ticket (1 per team) to the event that includes half-day slot at the demo booth.

Startups are asked to fill the application and upload their pitch deck latest on 21st April. Applications are evaluated by Startup Tampere -team. Selection process has the focus to look startups that have:

  • Validated business case with existing revenue and/or has received funding.
  • Are in the stage of currently, or in the near future, looking for funding

Startups are notified of the selection by April 27th.

Please notice that receiving a ticket is a de minimis action with value of 400€

Apply filling the link below:

Sign up here


Supported by 6Aika: Ecosystems of Growth -project

The joint 6-city project called 6Aika – Ecosystems of Growth creates opportunities for startups. The funding comes from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional council and, in Tampere, also from Tampere city region economic development company Tredea Oy (Business Tampere) and the city of Tampere.

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